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217 Today: Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021


Kurt Bielema/Illinois Public Media

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021

Today's headlines:

  • Governor J.B. Pritzker says Illinois emergency management coordinators are working with cities and towns — especially Chicago and suburbs that border Wisconsin — to prepare for possible unrest following a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

  • Republican State Representative Dan Brady has formally announced he's running for Secretary of State next year.

  • A new study looks at the impact of tax payment programs on vulnerable families.

In today's deep dive, we’ll learn about the impact of climate change in the state of Illinois in a TV special that premieres tonight on WILL-TV.

217 Today is produced by Farrah Anderson. Reporting today contributed by Hannah Meisel, Eric Stock, Luis Velazquez and Tinisha Spain.