World War II Central Illinois Stories

Love and War


The story of Jerry and Wilma Ashenbremer of Oakwood is one of love amid the ruins of war. They met in Vienna at the conclusion of World War II. Wilma was a young Austrian, Jerry a GI patrolling the city. They began a silent relationship.
Bob and Hattie Marion of Urbana sustained their love throughout the war when he was overseas. Letters kept the spark alive. But every time the letters temporarily stopped, Hattie worried.

Producer Denise La Grassa looks at the lives of these two couples in "Love and War." "The couples are similar in that they've been together so long that there's a great friendship and a close bond," says Denise. "I found the way they interacted to be very fresh and youthful, yet both couples are older. I wonder if it's because they came through so much in their years having to go through the war and its aftermath together."