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today we’re here in Hoopeston Illinois with Helberg videos November
member the 8th 2007 videographer is is
is Saab Henry Radcliffe in the interviewers Nancy Russell
how where were you in ww2
ww2 when it started I was working on the railroad over now
Auburn Indiana near Bluffton Indiana


going to meet a girlfriend in the afternoon and a couple have a flat tire
Kerala car and the wind is blowing strong from the West since I stopped
top but like her behind them if I could help him I was by myself
and I have lower back pain at 36 Chevrolet which one went to Goodwin tube8
too bad and I saw the two women in the car and then
old man was trying to figure out how to jack it up so I’ve visited
get the women in my car title if the engine running the heater is on because it is cold


Cole and Gwendolyn so I change a tire and when we were in my car
best Sunday afternoon the radio on they heard about Pearl Harbor
and they was born September 7th with me because I knew you
military get get drafter there hadn’t been a war Philip later
greater wrong I wasn’t very much weight of the Titans
fun about it and I work a different job service in Cincinnati Ohio
profile where’s my uncle I tripped over that you can a long long


how long was a time when I got my draft number this and this is in the spring of 40
1042 got my draft notice and I said well I’m going back home and work around Hoopeston
Hope Center Lake call me to actually go in so I did come back in the world
can I share an iCloud account account then I went over the railroad on in Rincon
section I worked there until I got my name
I got my physical first physical if you live 42 and and Bill and then
I’m at later on the show called up to Freeport November in October


Pub 1922 1928 1942 is my
who is my first induction into the army everything was back then
so we went to Chicago and has a physicals and tell her all this stuff in the dark
the doctors check this out real good make sure everybody was available for surface
adverse you got turned down there a way they should go back home and get all your papers
a person order and everything I report back on November 3rd
so we did not end up in Camp Grant Illinois that’s up my Rockford


that’s been a few days in a year symbol two bunch of people to go to basic training
well during the time at Camp Grant we had a battery of tests to take to see
take to see what you might be able to do for the government LDR mean in the military fight ever
handsome men even though I think got drafted in and then to the Navy River Seine there but I’m
the time where they wanted people for tank or the met
the medics or the Air Force well I was just had a
great education and prior to ww2 you had to be a high school graduate to get an Air Force


Philip my job I would never make the Air Force why didn’t want to
what can I take so I put in tanker for my first choice and the Air Force Army Air Corps
hair color but be sure but I always thought of Blair play not first ride
Tri Motor airplane back about 1933 that was a great thing
is there anyway we get to Keisha feel after about 4 days running
runaround over the southeastern United States I didn’t want ever anybody know where that train is going
how tall is Naruto and the sage down there for basic training


and it was always putting out door 1001 people to join this is that
I want to do on an airplane so I try to join them as a gun or something
something like that but it wouldn’t let me because when I pass TEAS test in Chicago Rockford
Rockford I’ve been made I got 98 on my arm
Automotive exam cause I worked on cars before City and understand
this and that in the CC camp Sibert on truck for 6 months so anyway
I couldn’t go anywhere so I headed up after my basic training


fibrous then we went to Jefferson Barracks Missouri that was for overseas training
can I call it and it was not much different in the basic training but little bit harder than me
shoot a rifle in this and that Jefferson Barracks course Denver
nothing new to me because I grew up with them my father used to be a gun self in head
can handle kind of gun we went to go squirrel hunting rabbit hunting pheasant on all around
Epson years ago you could go and find a stuffed and you know
you get extra food that way by eating a rabbit as offensive and we did that for


that for years so anyway I live in Jefferson Barracks VA
left there in February I believe in early February
43 from st. Louis in German the cross on transit route train
Fort Lawton washing thats right closest Seattle
so I stayed around their profile and I got the
very high fever one day one Saturday nights
the next morning I woke up on this high fever and the only reason people weren’t so you don’t need to go


girls at doctors you just trying to do for a funeral everybody saying do you want you
what you’re told to do or what to do but there was a way with me so I went to the doctors on my own
put me in the hospital for 10 days with a very high fever and
and back then I say that penicillin was not know that the sum of the medicine they give you
and I finally got to their comeback Inn on 18th of March
will Friday night before Thursday night before I load it on there
Obama troop ship that left out of Seattle on the 18th of March 1940


3 passenger weight
Seward Alaska and then from there we took a train in Anchorage Alaska
and for that we state about a week maybe a little over and we got on another
drawing of the train head south to Port of the foot occur
Alaska Peninsula coming down and boarded the ship
British ship there and it was about five thousand men on that ship altogether
and we’re all the men of the Air Force the army airforce know some of them are different


different branches never saw him
now therefore saver ordinance people on the same one because I do
that’s what I thought I should have been to be able to work on vehicles they would let me work on time because I was an ordinance
ordnance song anyway we go down the islands and on the way down
we stopped it to Kodiak Island overnight something they didn’t
hidden travel for some reason and then the next day we take off and go down to 8
Adak island this is this is a Long Island train to go down today


printer app to sound istall floated down we spend some time they’re on
are there on a deck with Ben Rector something I’m out about 3 miles from the Lord bass
but I was side they wear this to the name of Taylor major
major Taylor having a wonderful guy you’re alright me a lot of crap table back then so
so he said I like until then I would drive the supply truck go down
get stuff to bring up for food and stuff like that but me how tall is 240
40 min then had to eat and sleep somewhere so we got a long good


I’m going in at night I go back and Driver vice truck and then Hall bombs
from the bottom dump ferry to the flight line frees bounce a word I call him
they were would have been alive but they didn’t have the detonator in the front end
they were no danger exploding so iHome bombshell provide about that I worked on the
on the docks at night on loading barges and stuff like that and every every night
The Dark Knight weed have pretty little liars and are all I could think about was Ataturk
Tokyo Rose going to have a Sharpedo is it from winder tool and subs pull up the doc


which never did happen Cochinos always putting out if propaganda on the radio
and you keep track of what we were doing up in it so I finally got out of the boat
boat net on down to at to file a ban on that too much going on I got down
get down there shortly after it started it says his dog in the Japanese have an island
pretty well build up you know that a doctor on loading stuff so this big ship shut up and sit down
the doctrine that the next morning I was there I looked overboard
on the other side of that one of our submarines doctored up beside us


so we did nothing but suddenly sleeping eating play cards
Ellen and Hollywood setting that we couldn’t get off the boat or ship that you don’t want to come
boats in a typical girl ship anyway we can have a gun
Annabella going on up there any further in the mountains so one day
one day at 6 o’clock in the morning huh I was called off do it for the barge
orange and navy tug pull 3 bar just about 40 to miles
call southeast about to what island the Shemya it’s a very small island on a bout


all about 2 miles before and after that in Setswana northeast theaters MA
mn Northwest angle and there is it was nothing on there no tree
no trees on the island the only thing was there was some blue fox
you never seen a piercing red fox that you never seen a blue fox and they ever blue
and anyway we had to move in on the south 58 south east side of the island
Cilan and the same time they do engineers have built a
steel mat runway about the other quarter of a mile long and that’s all


how tall is Sarah snow airplanes could land air at a time Solon
I lived on that Southside number living in tents me had to move around
all the time because of the caterpillar Sanford check takes and away the Builder
the runway based soap find my apps it went back
back this in the summer of 43 and outfit at first was it when they went
mosam went back to the States exception 50 of asses in dresses in
late October 43 and I was one of the fifty have to stay on the island


and I cried like a mongoose because I never went into schools I didn’t cost to cover
anything you won’t let me do the job what to do but you gotta keep me here
is there tell in the meantime I’ve been working and supply in various places
salvage yards in airplane crash at Arab takes a good party song
zombie put back and supply so they could be use on other airplane why did that for a while
and then after it broke up I said and I had to stay
so the maintenance officer had to stay a lieutenant the name of artist Taylor heating


head in a lawyer out of Tennessee and he was a nice guy just a southern boy
boy sound after that I was working and salvage tearing up there
airplanes by told him I said sent your short of mechanics up there I can I work on airplane
I know it mechanics check my records in NC
pastor automotive real good so he did then I start
hard working on airplanes made first airplane was a p40
fighter plane overhead doors on the island and they are the Wonderland to adjust China India Burma


Burma theater Oberer they have recipe for this anyway I that was my first
first airplane they had books on airplanes has books we have different different sex
section 8 airplane discovered in a book if you could read or write Newton Under stand you good
fix an airplane Texaco self and some people never do
where do I start work on airplanes in the people that had a bad have
can have it was a land the year getting dirt in the gear mechanism and they would
wooden retract when you c** in a girl and so then I make a belly landing


makers good belly landing how to tear up the wing in the propeller in the engine
butterfish Elijah still there so we get in free mixtapes
get new wings in a big box the wings that have the landing gear
fuel tanks and everything in there exception official IG Texas all apart
apartment Boulder The Donnas of Julian bolts on both sides of the peace Lodge you bow tattoo this
go to this way everything with precision made and put a new engine on the Fusilade
slots the mouse and everything play power and the red flag in


one day we give him we didn’t know they’re playing this squadron did not on the airplane
airplane at Blanco Fighter Squadron and we give it back to the squadron and today
22 days later they say they don’t trust anybody say they have to tear it apart
set apart and they ended up messing it up they got to travel in kg
Hunter bell crank on the outside the fire wall one way and I make fun of white oak
wide open Brazil away because when you thought it was closed so this one day
what are past cranked up the engine is out of his clothes from


but it was wide open Brandon Cyrus
did selenium Kentucky little time to start up but that sang no stove
Stover interrupt the propping engine again right there and they had to take care of that the cell
another one about 2 weeks later with sent back and
the everything was Tess Harper Marche Moderne for it go back to their squadron
airplane was in good condition goes back in the second time if flu
Apartments landing and it was down toward Armand asarian he was landing


from Northfield north west south east and I put the brakes on a little bit
little bit and the right brake locked up on a party monster steel not Runway
end of the saying the long the side.of the Runway Soho minutes are pulled off
why he put the other break on your to hold it anyway the airplane
tip car over from the nose and landed upside down he was going to maybe 50
50 or 60 miles an hour over that time children get over on
who knows upside down and there is shoulder harness is on


and right behind a parent the reserve gas tank fuel cell fuel tank but there’s a few
fuel filter cap right back of his head about listening foot away and fuel
FuelBand running out this hundred thirty octane fuel high octane gasoline
very explosive Anderson some engineers are working on the side of the runway
San Diego sand and I saw the airplane do this cuz you know
is nose around when your work on your own era fit without me open all time working on airplane
so I thought Kilgore and I ran down there and the engineer


engineer is a beat me there and they have these little trench shovel free calling still a sandbag house
canapes canopy slip back and forth right over the past head
and boy I got down and stop that because one little spark good credit card to airplane on fire
Dr Sarah so I couldn’t get his belt loose without cutting it
cutting it goes when it was made into a sign that hit all his weight on it song
found out on the ground found it hurt him anything cuz it was right there
how to put in the ground upside down like that cause a tail in the soul it off the ground


anybody that afternoon eat after he had to go pick another flight they don’t let them
don’t let them just stand around think about what happened to make him go when there not another airplane ride away
are they lose their nerve to fly in the afternoon he came down
and tell her little major major bedhead 32 years
servicemen major trade a tracer be calling Dick Tracy when he wasn’t around
anyway he knew he was an old 32 year old
military man that knew it all but anyway that afternoon this captain countdown


Sargent to save my life really call me if he says I want him to
run around me this afternoon if you don’t care in a fifth of whiskey we didn’t get drunk but we did
did Drake say about it anyway I didn’t get any recognition for that
assessing your daily work you know that’s part of your job but if I have been
how to bend a boy where can i order over somebody lied I got a ribbon for that but I didn’t
I didn’t get many ribbons during ww2 that was just another part of my days work
they figured it and it happens later on after the war of a sentence


Duluth Minnesota I save an airplane there but I didn’t get into recognition Ford
let my job anyway after that maybe we moved up to do
different quarters of Pacifica Hudson long to run away
and the first Sunday I think of is 4424 was on takeoff
take off raid to go to Japan norleans Japan live at 12 minute flights
and I don’t know maybe number 3 or 4 on takeoff he lost control the airplane
airplane the Christ and to other part airplanes on a building a small


small closet ideas of evacuation building for guys going back faces
it’s going to like their baby or Medical Leave Act so the term felon
fell on the ground about 150 200 feet away really wasn’t that hard since thats why
that’s why I rent an airplane define alarm have a crosswind landing crosswind
west southwest and the Beast to build buildings up
what up there when the parent control airplane 252 crosswind
but I ain’t got that there’s a building they broke the cross wind up credit affect him


any pulled over to the left and right of these parked airplanes and anyway
when the airplane landed on this is a private Butthead of wheels coming up its head
habitat time so about 10 minutes after eating
the 500 pound bomb detonated it dropped out of Bombay shackle and detonated
when I put the bottles in there and they put a detonator in the end of it to have a wire
whats up to the Bombay wraps so 1 at bottom leaves a wire pool


red blood cell right on the nose and blow it up and killed everybody on an airplane
the pilot and the tail gunner and I had the privilege of helping clean up the mess
the next morning on a Sunday morning I find mens hands in gloves
and feet with shoes on them and they just realized something you don’t want to see I could
do I couldn’t eat for 2 days and then vomit
hit it split into a what we call the generator housing in the place they had a generator
generator for runway lights and the boy that run out he was out on the runway


wake a lot at 90 feet away and he started it when it happens
is building ear and toward the airplane about that time the bomb went off in heat
when he got killed from concussion out there anybody in the airplane
what is how close to buzz and I visit on their plan way Atlanta David
there was a little rich on the left side of it about 50 feet away and this went down into
I’m going down in that section
section on airplane when I found them days


Jay Z 9mm
the winner is that was this more work
work that I don’t work I did and I was on a salvage rebuilt on airplanes
on the fire crash crew cuz when I first got therapy has a billion
cheap heels on the main side of the island that is a mile away from
away from us so anytime we had a crash or as I will have a pickup truck and trailer
trailer with just fire extinguishers anorexia one truck service


search water for the beta for our area you know just got water on the lake but it had music
music 500 gallons of water on all the time it mean to have it to fight fires
fart many fires is a different airplane crashes in that when they cry so pretty dangerous stuff
still into you get a deactivated the batteries out then guns
disdus arms and all that stuff so this one time
10445 s working out
does a Freightliner anything and a hammer have a hangover but then do it big on a big wooden hangers


Corps of Engineers build a guest parking in there one day in this B 20
224 come in and a generator run way to have some heavy 8085 Bank
where the couple little Antanas all for the final approach for these airplanes cause Amell
most of the time in the summer at Shemya the farm
how far was real heavy I’m in if I stay for Daisy when you see the Sun is just had heavy
I have a phone but he made of Pasadena come back around did Lambert
he took the right main landing gear on the waitlist big Dean’s Santa Ana


locked at least when he landed on the man left men and the news gear
the right one was collapsing that drugs airplane and made a big you turn
weather radio channel is headed toward the DLAB silhouette come in and what
it runs off the runway in a ditch for the

water and about 6 foot wide and a wing tip dart bank
little higher about the ditch at the same time. One else is getting


does getting ready to get out of the airplane right back of a pilot and he said there’s a hatchback
back there about 2012 foot wide maybe free footlong December curved
how to set the kiss and tell him he’s up there and get out the wingtip hit the dirt Bank
back the number to Angela still turn on and when its made the sudden stop
who flew into the right number 2 engine propeller well I’m done
I’m down there fighting for her and that was the fire chief finally got over there
why we have as far as soon as it when their playing price of fuel line came loose and cut


Bangkok fire and gasoline was running out the wings right on top of that water and fire is on
Arizona water and Weaver sucking water out right on fire
how to put the fire out and she’s got diarrhea

so if you don’t have the feelings you don’t have a fire you take something away action
Arvada ever anyway I’m up on top of the wind that B 24 everything’s alright
girl wet and I slipped off the back side and the land in the water


water bounce u foot deep I felt something that didn’t feel normal did Danielle Anderson
man missing see but then I knew there was one man mission Saw IV
iPhone stepped on his arm or something so I reach down the water and trying to pull them up
I got trees are there in about half into NYU
are you for the medics a cold air cause I wasn’t sure medic and they got them out finally
finally but I haven’t went got killed on the airplane but that was a crazy
Botanicare playing with notch rebuildable is broken too and all that stuff in the fire


so anyway and 19th
44 live build off breakwaters an airplane with have a decent Dr
talking to her cold for a ship parking for the build a big break water after hours
40 foot high when they block and have 2 box long to keep the wall
if the water is the weather up there was so bad in the Bering Sea Bass O’Reilly
review bending over watch these programs like the patience lead up there now in the
how they’ve been on the waves in the Bering Sea


anyways there’s a big storm, and tours at breakwater down that’s how bad
how bad to wire a 4 but in the meantime I have is on the mainline recuperation
glow in November 1944 lot of people didn’t want to take it because it was a
Effect of rotation date will the RCO
how to bend a professional Roberts University of Illinois and I talk to him
about it would I said nobody says they want to go up there but I like to go and sin how’s it going to f***
perfect are rotation date is a charger Burge menu


leave will give you orders so you’ll be covered from the bass but when you get back to order of sartorial
tore up and there’s nothing on your record see you got 30 days vacation every year
Randy didn’t take it you can build up you got paid you know someone that is human
what I retired I got paid for couple months of vacation time but no her to take it
but at one time anyway I went up to the mainland step up there
and then when I came back home but whatever shop company
rigor in the military


hardware the military to transport trip planner app to end a casual
casual company called waiting to get a boat to come back to Sharia so it’s up there
what’s up there in the mountain about 3 miles to download Bayshore do you see the air base down there
I may have some Beach 24th of April 4th Mom’s Club photo recon
recon squadron has Saints beat 24th painted black 4 radar resistance
sound labor photos of jobs a ride over northern Japan in Japan
fanfic photographs all the way down and go and get back home


so I saw that airplane landed I asked for sons I said can you give me that male boy
boy drives a jeep take me down there so I can get back to shimmy a cause I don’t want to be a parent to cancer
I went down to the shore
so I’m we get up and we get the fog and that you could see the island
Fox sets in real quick so we couldn’t see it when I got first
first got over there so I always think about this airplane gonna crash like the wanted
what did before I went to bed so anyway we got


we got there and then I fall credit nothing made a perfect landing planes go
going away out of fear how to show me her they bomb Japan and northern
Japan in the Korea Islands when they ring fix up a b24 with a larger
largest oil tanks on and everything after photo recon job
root down MS out 24 hours does it have
should have Bombay fuel tanks and didn’t have any bombs taking pictures and everybody was worried
lost and it really was a tumor show air born in 24 hours 100


that one but not landing so I just went down there we had wondering
10 and down there was a zero scope after shutting
53 engine oil cooler around with deposit didn’t want to shut that engine
engine off just have to because it be just got a dead engine they’re all going to rid of gang up on him
so I let it when mail the engine in the winter
call the windmill the engine on a trip turning over but it wouldn’t have any power
so finally it was just ran out of oil tits strips and me dream dictionary


Arizona prop to the engine in it when men all the way back but the engine doesn’t turn
running then it was so bad that I went into propeller
the cowling on the leading edge of Fortune should never hit a normal time but that’s how bad but anyway
but anyway the pilot and copilot both got shot pretty bad on a flight engineer
there was a tech sergeant a guy that knows more about the airplane anybody else is in charge
charge of the maintenance on it on the ground and in the air anyway he got down there
down out of his after I got all the combat area he got down and gunpowder


relays a pilot got him out of this eating food that airplane back to the island
Shamia I forget how many hours at Tripler something when they got shot up bad
but he landed at 2 so I enlisted man could fly an airplane
what happened if they didn’t make it back real Italian boss of the time I
why I would have to set up at nights with a mission lets chill out and
wake me get the word with weight and weight can a clock at night maybe we get a call
call and we wouldn’t have any runway lights on to I knew there was about ready to come in


10089 to get a call if you’re out 15 minutes away
all the way in never hear that airplane again
gas land in the Bering Sea or the North Pacific and you never find anything

bailed out the red in a raft most likely what they died for 10:34 a.m.
cold weather the water is so cold up there
mini of that way b24 b25


. Every other airplane who said some of them ended up in Russia yes
yes that someone would get to shut up and crippled up bad they had a business
business deal with Russia that they could fly into Russia and the intern
intern buttcrush of it taking keep their plants well as their internment
moreless act like they were prisoners of war from what I could read here back then they never come
ever come back to the house we were wrong they were relieved after the war but that’s how Russia
people that during the war we were still there in me


even after that I state I went back into service after I got out
what is in what they call the Cold War and we had to be on guard against Russia the whole time
should be today they are different Groupon
run away I guess they hate us because we didn’t burn
Reagan tear down the wall I don’t want it was good anyway I set up there
there and then all that stuff metal on a good tip on a met some people love you
give me all kinds of people but some of North Carolina friends with him a real close


closest friend I had this number 1 guy that used to work with the name of Jim Kreider
Knox Indiana he was a young River are young punks and full of energy
and I know how to do with it all we had a little hobby shop there we learn photography
little box in the Box in Kona HI get hurt anyway
geminis work on airplanes so one day there was a Navy airplane come in and it
345 is small V twin engine airplane have 5 people on board
to and from a 2007 engine trouble so I’m in the hanger working on it


Martin b-26 of head crash landed Orlando

airplane and I may have just met and salt for a new guy come out of shock

LSM captain boat right and then you’re so and so that’s where we’re going to talk to people out
old timers didn’t quite spell prove that some one day
nobody talked to him Monday after he says he wants to marry people they won’t talk to me I said about you


soldier boy you said that you were trapped in boat right now with your name
your name and Weaver sergeant suicide but you never use those charms to a song
you’re getting the cold shoulder when he never doubt change real quick but anyway
anyway this I 45 rounded up one morning and I’m inside then eat or so good to hear
good to hear the noise in the lion Chi for the number one guy he thought was great
which trying to fix airplane out of when you run right so I kept teasing
teasing is Captain I said you had a good mechanic has been on their way back home


conga at to serve at 6:30 in the afternoon I said Captain
tell your heart you let me in the gym tight and I will come back to fix an airplane
have to be chopper he said alright you think you can do it so we went
Backcare than this radial engine engineered rib it up
what about 1800 rpm at start backfiring so when you go any higher so
so gym and I went out there and I said Jim Scott about problem somewhere
where I said you start up at the number one cylinder and work your way down


little covers on the valve cover on cylinders 2 valve
if I had to get a campsite with for little bowls take them off
Nutrex about you have to rotate in general propeller to make sure is on top dead center
and all that stuff now I should I start on the bottom work my way up the other side
acai berry but a little thing called a sump pump oil
not liking a car goes in the crankcase of a send it back there I had a pumpkin


full of oil so he works his way down to play Trinidad James Def Jam
closed with the song thats one cover right next to his

not enough to leak oil from that one could ever say
everything back together in about an hour and a half and running engine checked out
perfect so I called up date of this boat ride the big shot in
he turned out to be a nice guy after a while and told him to get the pilot in the Hat crew die


did I hear that airplanes ready to fly he couldn’t believe it so you come down there and I had to show him
sure I’m getting the car he didn’t he didn’t know how to fight you in a minute he was the pilot who just a minute
show them how I said just seeing both engines running perfect
I said airplanes ready to go
got to hold a navy cruiser and they flew out of the earth at night
32 miles away but I can reason I knew what I was talking about that is the crew chief
who cheat stay at the crew chiefs of food on an airplane or flight engineer like I turned out to be later on


and I said to when was the last time you had a hundred hour inspection on this in German
they may have been shut off valve he said about 5 or 6 hours back

only adjustment screw valve and that’s it comes loose on that one
I want to rock her I’m a disappointment to beat the band mean it but I got a certain RPM is pop that one
open this by bouncing this rocker arm so that’s why


Tomy why why were people live
who is sent to the Aleutians say again I was there what was the main reason for sending it to the
how to the Aleutians why what part of the war where you were you
were you fighting in Athens Ohio River and done see the Japanese and already landed
Dutch Harbor someplace in the house all ready on Kisker and the

want to but he build a runway down on me I don’t know that saying that was formally end up first


silent I landed on the mountain as island it was
had a low area and they win in there in no time at all the engineers they pull fan from Everett
where and pump water out of pipes and made a runway in a very short time

really fight the war of Kiska and at to the Memorare novena
bombs and bombs and mom both places Foreverland many troops air
I had all the space on the papers at showing in my stuff about today


which show David e. How things went on Indian Ocean island butter lotion Island
the islands was a secondary Fang and we was kept up there to keep them
Japan from coming forward and also of Maycomb tie up troops that wouldn’t be able to go to the south

did you know a lot about what was happening in the other theaters
don’t we have orientation movies about once a month or so
and then we doing a theater or in the hanger in the show the movie


get orientation going on in Germany in the South Pacific some money yes we did have
I have that yeah eventually they build up women living in the temperature on
wrong time in the Pacific cut and then the best they moved into a dildo
mess hall the big mess hall and designers NH cigarettes
Federation of the center section 2 the cook cook place but the other side
otherside by just sitting room for everybody so this little friend of mine from Mac
California Malcolm Ford Fusion little guy from Sacramento California


he worked and supply and everything come in late movies in commander supply
fly and weed initials Kodak Theatre tour 3 days now but we set up all night
free movies and are we had a projector and with set up all night in the end
that problem a****** goes west use Wii Fit movies are out today
what kind of movies all kinds of fun restaurants in Hanover
the Outback fin once in awhile it be a little bit on it
Dr Boruff where to but no cell that was coming through the government


orientation movies with have to go see so that was a big pie
big part of a2 iris
I would say all the group that went back to nice
would like to go on a rotator back to the states and some oven velour

getting killed so after I found all that I think the Lord that I stay for awhile
cuz I wasn’t any real danger now we did have a couple of hair


airplane raids on that too but I was there that was 42 miles away
way but we had to fighter planes alright and then they had mostly
fighter planes over there but mostly b25 bombers with the Champions Cup
please come in with 32 12 bottles and they tell me the Japanese only had one
had one buy Madiran navigator and everybody else follows suit
baton favor personnel when I first got done his work they have a certain time
time to drop their ass after that anyway out when they had it to raise over there by


Iron Sky base commander wouldn’t let the 3800
airplanes that we had they were long range airplane could really fly out running

parent petroleum cause I figured it we were going to be the man hit in face with his sister
Elite on over there two different crops going to happen to ask
Costco beavers for the big bomber flew out of but the piece that is kind of phone over there
how tall was down if I go and that said that didn’t happen though


two different types of weaving center Fox showtimes open Ford cuz I’d like to shoot a rifle
train hitting airplane but never happen so that was
something that we had to live with all the time and have no more rates after that 2 times
2 times I feel it coming back to try to bomb a 2 and when they did
ships in a harbor but they never hit with water and never did
ship no damage was done far as I can remember I did anyway
after the war the big war was over there first a man


Enderman David Hira message Cody
coded message about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and they couldn’t figure out
where is coming from his old one they decided we’re going to keep this everything down
Shinedown no communication going anywhere around 230 or 4 in the afternoon
soon as possible so they can still hear the message

and he want to go over to the battlegrounds wasn’t all this in that he’s up there


stair treads in around in the tundra in the side of the mountain and
fell in a hole will in this hole is a Japanese on shortwave radio
Hand Crank job agency set there any good look right down under
down on the runway maybe my half mile down there and see everything going on
reports every day the activity of the runways
so he said he was scared but it got the job and they got him down
and I saw him he proved to be transported out of there in a day or two iPhones after Aldean


irrigation over that too but they landed on the island
for the troops to go back to the mainland only one Japanese left as I can
so I can remember everything else they died trying a Barbie cost
the commanding officer forced him to commit Harry Caray you know they try to
killer people and kill their own people
priests forbidden episode where do and don’t get capture those Americans are too rough idea
so that most of the gods are not chapter just two helmets


what he would slip down at night and get to steal food from an a******
a****** and that’s how I live that says about 2 months later 3 months
it’s almost at that he Michelle there anyway I say
I stayed on the island in the mayor of 1945
because I just want to the sky on a island cause I come over on a barge is it to first one
just want to hit the island and so I was one of the first ones I go out of our squadron
I went to I was going to join another outfit in Alaska Anchorage


it was at 39th Air Depot group today they did major work on airplane
airplanes also but anyway I got back up there and then

he run around the dark of is sundown sunglasses on all the time
and because him The Green Hornet
face anyway he saw me and he says Sud birds and nothing for you to do
you don’t need to get a toolbox in a Sorrento we go back to the States


hey I said when that girl and she’s pretty soon person misses in the first but then
celebrites for a person that group and we were in town Monday didn’t have nothing to do
we could do anything we wanted to stay out of trouble so we were in town Monday then
afternoon I pictured right now walk along a straight in the second lieutenant was there a Regis
I just walked on fire never sleeps yes you know yet its sleep these officers
turn me in so next day I got called
called into the major and the captain had a major yet and he says what’s going on


score on the lights out what your mate is away is it you didn’t sleep this second
2nd lieutenant 90s shooting people too much in Mexican
captain Swan heart with his name he said you got you
you know better than that so we didn’t get any punishment for it but she dont
don’t be that way again give me all this did your family know where you were my friend
my family did not know I left Jefferson Barracks Missouri
when to Seattle on road RC letters that I don’t know where I’m going out with Seattle Washington


Phila timer road on that ship when everything was top secret you didn’t ride anybody
better you didn’t call anybody and tell him any one time while I was out in Shemya
the way the island is in the international dateline comes down and IT jobs out there
how to cover all a island chain tattoo Lego Street South Africa T 4 goes down
ghost town maybe. Midway the International Date Line so I tried it
write in a letter and I don’t love my folks with understood that anyway you know
should know geography fairly well I said I should should be in to tell me


is tomorrow but this today is a date and I got censored for that because it’s all over
all over my old was censored by an officer and he pulled call me and I had to rewrite today
NH warning not to do anything like that again that’s as close as ever come to shore
come to try to let them know but they did not know because everybody everything was I at
old number and out of Seattle Washington and maybe someone to the south
South Pacific made everything in the last going up there 720
1029 post office don’t know anything about


is ready so they can’t tell anybody either 729 was APO number
number that would be the island of scheria Travis on the other different lines have different
apo numbers but nobody knew anything until I come back
come back from the state of Nebraska Lincoln on ship
train and come down to Stuart and got all that
another train and conquer cross Canada on train
Toula Edmonton Canada we have a layover there about 4 hours one afternoon


afternoon and I send a telegram to my mother in town Hoopeston Illinois
I’ll be home in a few days that was the first I can send that’s how I said
Limbsaver broadband or anything else just I’ll be home in a few days
I had two other brothers in the service at the same time one of my son and both are in the
younger ones on a submarine during the war and the other was all that
destroyer escort South Pacific film that was the first time
first time my mother or anybody knew I was in town so we come in Joe campground


send a couple of days there and got the turn in some stuff and got some dip
different clothes and then a friend of mine but I am A David
David Brown from Rochdale Hebron in the same time I did the whole of a group but he was
end up here I did he will he come down to the island
shortly after I did back to the mainland but that was a sin
squadron I join the 30 miles they’re depo when I come back to the States
show him and I will lift up together you know I’m a come into campground


how to get processed in the front or weekend Chicago first in black 2
Dr Kent Brantly got processed and we were supposed to run
leaves on Chicago and go to Roswell New Mexico
Mexico this is all just before the war is over the whole universe is going to start
what are the new outfit in Roswell New Mexico tell her I’m home
Robbie Fulks report back to Chicago via trade in 30 days
Red Lantern award got over iris home in Hoopeston up here when I first atomic bomb


Thomas dropped I was right here and have dinner in Austin August 45
1945 to remember the reaction Gardasil the Deaf myself and then
muscles are people around here where the gym at the time does many people
people still open your mouth and throat so we drop that bomb and they dont
they don’t realize if I never been in more than most of which never been in Dorset around
blowing her mouth that how hard it would have been to invade Japan
does every man woman and child would have some kind of weapon does the killers Americans


that we didn’t have to invade Japan not my younger brother on submarine duty
who did he was in Tokyo Bay to receive different times with subs taking pictures at night
the guy that had a submarine that they called it but somehow they knew how

move into the dead take pictures at night and never torpedoed in his writing to bed at 10
job that look like over there and it was just banter
Centerville you know we didn’t bomb and bomber in the Dayton mall the surrender so when did Truman


veterans Kumon cry tonight so I dropped a sac Amman
toilet that took the wind out of sails II had to give up
when you look back at that time what would you what would you say
would you say about your experience all worth while crying I’m going to say this
I just wanna feel right now eyesight ww2
never happened to our country we was in a depression everybody was on well pipe


hydroponic welfare I don’t care I just like people today at the food
food nanny come around delivered food stuff my mother worked at at what they call that says
WPA sign for women neighbors are sewing center here
Market Street upstairs air little buildings or tore down now but women worked up stairs made
mEDPROS gift for Pope for the poor people and then she made 48
working at 40 hours now that was a big deal but that was better than
better than doing nothing but anyway I had Glover Niger


sweet corn everything was used to be jerked my hand around here can practice run
run all day long and I started out at 14 years old fields at 2:30 in the morning
the morning Tim Hortons have his raining you still there jerking those years a corner
the corner of my hand I did that for a couple years it was hard work the first week or two
free cartoon your fingers hurt bleed because I turn your skin off
anyway funny I got the job inside the plant in a row
later on like a say out of work I quit a railroad job because I


just too hard to work on the railroad one day well this is so for the war horse
course I was doing a job in the big boss tell me what to do but extreme
straw boss tell me I was going to do something else then I told him I would go to do I have these big checks in
taxi jack up the track with that he was going to tell him I had to carry genes big chunks
Tutor Time Karen about 125 pounder
Jax and I want back to the work day Bigg Boss setting on a reel
30 back there hey I got test in about 10 TV says where you going


I said I’m pregnant what happened Mike told him he says you go back up and do what I told you
cuz I’m the boss don’t you pay attention to the other guys
Whiteneck the other when do Maine buses from over here and I cant feel his name right now
seven years ago real nice guy
I give up the railroad Metro Cincinnati Ohio work for us printing company
that’s when I got the draft notice over there then afterwards I got out of the service
service Honda brothers many different times is an airplanes crash


food web and a p38 had a double boom on a two tail section

better controls than the one it and Russia propeller the one I hit the first airplane
and he flew back to a 2011 engine fit in a good control ants inside
what island was pretty well the weather is going to rain damage he’s on his own island


and I had the privilege of birth for other boys
charger V building that airplane take off of another airplane made a pretty good cry
crash landing protect all the parts off of one and put them on the other one

birds of prey for this is the same way they building landed we got a big
the box and put them back together in about 10 days then 5 weather radar
the greater wrong of the word winding down they knew what they was going to send these people


before his back to the mainland but on the way back to a Dacor somewhere they lost to
lost two out of four for the side when running crash your belly landed again
that we wouldn’t fix it 2011 in the island high bluff to the water
water and I was in charge of the Christ rule also so I’ve made a sin
cable section so I can pick up this one p 40 with a wrecker
nice big river we had for the Bluemont so I just pick and made these tables
tables a well-balanced to when it crashed with pick it up


take this ride on the back of big truck carry over to the bluff
how about a half a mile away and unhook the cables and everything
fashion all we had to do it lift up the one ring and tip it over into the Pacific
Bering Sea that’s where it would be read in several that way
going back know that never gone back I don’t like to but I never
never cut thick Asians in the same group would be going
Highland is self is closed down to LA named it after the war later on the Ericksons


eros station or something like that right there so few people out there yet I guess
making that maintain and some of the buildings on off button
Denison Regency landing for commercial airlines at place of 56 from here to Chicago
Chicago to Tokyo the roots and fibrous not too far from
far from Red Deer Meadow Long Island since I got so many big 20
twin engine airplane that can fly all the way non stop and take to have an engine trouble
men have a place to land then I read the story went I met have to have I think 15


1500 miles of blending Basin disability only place I could but if I made
if I made a crash landing on the island Bridgette don’t have too much for the medical attention
from what I read also do you know what else is there is there anything else
on the island browser supports to civilian tanks going on all the time now but I don’t
where are the weather people on the Sun that keep track of things but
Pharmacy Air Force Air Base is close down forever
people that die once it grow from like say about a foursome


I’ve run way to Eden blacktopping during the more there
they had a company out of Wyoming or somewhere Knutson
Newton construction company I think the name was they come in there and sit up here
asphalt plant that name Cincinnati black ops the Runway
and Holly Regina Tokyo Rose people knew about it because
taking pictures at this is all this smoke going on the blacktop machine made out of
WhiteSmoke say so we had to hear that all time do we couldn’t get to stay


the stage between buddy at Tokyo Rose quite often on the radio
so 17. A time when we weren’t really worry too much about getting
bomb by them on that buy them because the world
tube8 and they were concentration more in the south
Midway Island down there and they come up there tax but didn’t do any good
that was all wartime
can I enjoy being there are you get lonesome you know when is life


where everybody but 50 other state Connie upset like to go on home like her
f*** everybody else what you don’t want to be out in 24 Mile Island this is a small island the wind blew
blue anytime use on the beach wind is blowing in your face we all have a little
little tan because of the wind in the same it was not my son
extremely cold in the winter I said by 15 above the bathroom bad as I think it was
make it was and what I’d tell you know that when I went back to the mainland
before I left all these guys old British and French male singers from fresh milk


how about how my going to do this so I get up there and get ready
get ready come back they were there is no fresh milk up there it is all rhe combine a frozen
frozen galaxy song I said well the Red Cross give us a little ditty bag
city bags and over stuff in it so I had this in a bag and I went to the commissary
and the day all day before I left and I got 6 quarts in frozen
frozen milk carnation was a label this fitness in a bag
I love that around got on a ship road to Trenton train down


Whittier it was cold so I didn’t worry about spoiling so I got on
I got on the ship around here we go to put this now I put it in a lifeboat
it was real cold put it in the lifeboat and everyday I check that life
who had a cover on it say make sure that no cars so I got down and got off the boat
carbot I text him out when up in New Jersey Transit area
I had to stay a few days for a cut that right to be 24 and I put in a snowbank up there
they’re going to come back to Shemya I have had it and I got to know


Berkshire are Behringer Pacific Heights neighbor put in the ground about 4 foot deep Anderson
snow around so u get to the bank heist ticket on the snow bank
that night I did one minute really weigh
that night are there did you bring that milk back or so I thought you’d never ask
never ask I never really got that so that was like for real
Alicia nylons and legs say I think it’s a wrestling ever happened
American ww2 really do


Gardner Kansas

Hale Burge started his career in the Air Force (then the Army Air Force) when he was drafted into World War II as a teenager in rural Illinois. Like all inductees, he was tested in a lot of areas in order to best match his skills to the job he would be assigned. For him, that meant that he would be working on planes. Burge served in the Aleutian Island chain, frequently taking parts from a number of broken planes in order to create single plane that could be safely put back in the air. He saw terrible crashes and talks about the loss of life. Planes from these northern Pacific islands bombed Japan and other sites. America’s presence in the area prevented invasion of Alaska and gave the enemy another area to worry about and to have to spread their forces out more. Burge, a man who lived through the dark Depression years, also talks about involvement in the war as positively affecting this country.