WILL EEO Reports

EEO Report July 31, 2007



A. Full-Time Vacancy Filled #1 Job Title: Staff Secretary Date Filled: 10/9/06 #2 Job Title: Secretary III Date Filled: 4/9/07 #3 Job Title: Assistant Chief Engineer Date Filled: July 29, 2007 B. Recruitment/Referral Sources Source Contact Person Address Tel # Hired? Interv'ed? University of L. Denise Hendricks 52 E. Gregory 217-333-3101 3 12 Illinois Champaign, IL Personnel Services * Positions 1 & 2 (Martha Brown hired as Staff Secretary 10/9/06 and Cheryl Gerber hired as Secretary III 4/9/07.) *Civil Service employees hired through University Personnel Office; must be tested and ranked on a register and names submitted in order from the register for interviewing. Position 3 (Leigh O'Malley hired as Assistant Chief Engineer 7/29/07) *Civil Service employee who bumped down to a lower position when her position in another University Department was eliminated. Two internal candidates had been interviewed before the bump. C. Attachments No organizations requested vacancy information. Description of Supplemental Outreach Intiatives Sponsorship of Community Event. On an on-going basis, the WILL Stations work with faculty at University High School in Urbana, Illinois to develop an oral history curriculum to train students, including minorities, in the basics of audio production and journalism. Each year, the students produce a documentary that is broadcast on WILL Radio, and a few have chosen to major in journalism at the college level. Sponsorship of Community Event. The WILL Stations have developed a community outreach initiative, designed specifically to reach young minorities, with assistance from a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois. Dr. Will Patterson is co-director of the project with WILL's Kimberlie Kranich. The Youth Media Workshop is a collaboration between public radio station, WILL-AM 580, and Innovative Ed. Consulting, Inc., an educational programming, multimedia marketing and action research company. The workshop partners with public schools in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois to teach African-American youth how to make radio and television documentaries that link their generation, the hip-hop generation, to the civil rights and black power generations. Middle school age female minority students put together a radio documentary each year. The students learn about basic audio production and receive instruction in newswriting from WILL's professional staff. (Audio access to the most recent production is available at: http://www.will.uiuc.edu/FranklinSite05/index.html. African-American male students from Urbana High School worked with WILL-TV and the Youth Media Workshop on video productions. Information available at http://will.uiuc.edu/community/youthmediaworkshop/drumcorps.htm and http://will.uiuc.edu/community/youthmediaworkshop/beyondbeatsandrhymeslocal.htm. Establishment of Training Program. Station WILL-TV hires minority trainees, with little or no experience in television production, and teaches them the rudiments of camera operation and studio production. The young people involved in this program are provided with skills that can qualify them for higher level, full-time, positions in broadcasting.