WILL EEO Reports



A. Full-Time Vacancy Filled

Job #1 Title: Broadcast Research/Operations Specialist
Date Filled: September 2, 2008

Job #2 Title: Internet Technology Specialist
Date Filled: October 16, 2008

Job #3 Title: Accounting Technician II
Date Filled: May 17, 2009

B. Recruitment/Referral Sources

University of Illinois Employment Services *
Alicia Lowery
52 E. Gregory
Champaign, IL
Positions #1 and #2 listed here.
Position #3 listed here only*
For position #3: 1 hired; 7 interviewed

*Civil Service employees hired through University Employment Office; must be tested and ranked on a register and names submitted in order from the register for interviewing.

University of Illinois Employment Center (online job search engine for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
(217)265-6549 or (217)333-2137

Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #2: 0 hired; 1 interviewed

Internal posting and online
300 N. Goodwin
Urbana, IL
Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #1: 1 hired; 1 interviewed
For position #2: 1 hired; 2 interviewed

ACJOB Listserv
(e-mail listserv for University of Illinois Academic Professional positions)
Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #2: 0 hired; 1 interviewed

Chicago Tribune Classified Ads
435 N. Michigan
Chicago, IL 60611
(includes Red-Eye
commuter newspaper,
Hoy Spanish newspaper,
& JobFinder magazine
Chicago Tribune online posting

Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #2: 0 hired; 1 interviewed

Current (public broadcasting newspaper)
6930 Carroll Ave.
Tacoma Park, MD 20912

Positions 1 & 2 listed here


The News-Gazette (newspaper)
15 E. Main
Champaign, IL 61820

Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #2: 0 hired; 1 interviewed

PBS Connect (PBS system online service to stations.)
Positions 1 & 2 listed here

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Jobline (a CPB system online service to stations.)
401 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20004-2129
Positions 1 & 2 listed here
For position #1: 0 hired; 1 interviewed

National Public Radio Direct Access Communications System (an NPR system online service to stations.)
Positions 1 & 2 listed here

NAMIC (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity In Communications)
(online job posting service)
320 W. 37th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
(212) 594-5985
Positions 1 & 2 listed here

Traffic Directors Guild of America (online job posting service available through this professional
Organization) www.tgda.org
Position 1 listed here

The Multicultural Advantage (online diversity recruiting source for professionals)
Convergence Media, Inc.
PO Box 6062
Bellevue, WA 98008
(425) 296-6109
Position 2 listed here

Stations are encouraged to retain the names of interviewees for purposes of responding to a potential FCC audit or third-party complaint.

C. Attachments

No organizations requested vacancy information.

Description of Supplemental Outreach Initiatives

Sponsorship of Community Event. Illinois Public Media (WILL am.fm.tv.online)is sponsoring a community-based project (Kickin’ It at Kickapoo) for youth participants with support from the Department of Advertising at the University of Illinois, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Prairie Rivers Network, Danville Public Library, the Boys and Girls Club of Danville and Keep Vermilion County Beautiful. African-American youth from the Boys and Girls Club of Danville participate in a series of activities at Kickapoo State Park to create video PSAs. WILL staff teach middle and high school students to videotape footage of the park. WILL media professionals and personnel from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources expose the youth to potential careers in broadcasting and in natural resources management. See http://youthmediaworkshop.org/kickapoo/project

Event with Educational Institutions Encouraging/Training for Broadcasting Careers. Illinois Public Media is partnering with the C-U Area Project, the Mental Health Center of Champaign County, and the University of Illinois Community Informatics Initiative in the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences on the E2Y (Engaging and Empowering Youth)Project during the summer 2009. Minority teens interview business owners, neighbors, community leaders and others to identify and map opportunities for youth in the cities. Illinois Public Media will train the teens to make videos of their interviews with people in the community, providing training and mentoring for future broadcasting and journalism careers.

Sponsorship of Community Event. On an on-going basis, the WILL Stations work with faculty at University Laboratory High School in Urbana, Illinois to develop an oral history curriculum to train students, including minorities, in the basics of audio production and journalism. Each year, the students produce a documentary that is broadcast on WILL Radio, and a few have chosen to major in journalism at the college level.

Sponsorship of Community Event. The WILL Stations have developed a community outreach initiative, designed specifically to reach young minorities, with assistance from a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois. Dr. Will Patterson is co-director of the project with WILL's Kimberlie Kranich. The Youth Media Workshop is a collaboration between public radio station, WILL-AM 580, and Innovative Ed. Consulting, Inc., an educational programming, multimedia marketing and action research company. The workshop partners with public schools in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois to teach African-American youth how to make radio and television documentaries that link their generation, the hip-hop generation, to the civil rights and black power generations.
Middle school age female minority students put together a radio documentary each year. The students learn about basic audio production and receive instruction in newswriting from WILL’s professional staff. The students also worked with a minority University professor to develop “immersion journalism” interviewing techniques. A female minority University graduate student worked with the students and with WILL staff to produce a radio documentary series, I Remember,I Believe, airing June 2009 on WILL-AM.

Establishment of Training Program. Station WILL-TV hires minority trainees, with little or no experience in television production, and teaches them the rudiments of camera operation and studio production. The young people involved in this program are provided with skills that can qualify them for higher level, full-time, positions in broadcasting.

Training for Management Personnel to Ensure EEO and Prevent Discrimination. All supervisory and management staff attended a workshop provided by the University of Illinois as part of their Inclusive Illinois initiative. Seminars provided multicultural, discrimination and harassment awareness training, as well as education in disability accommodation procedures.