About WILL

Broadcast Frequencies & Coverage Areas

WILL broadcast coverage map for WILL-TV, WILL-AM, and WILL-FM

WILL broadcast coverage map for WILL-TV, WILL-AM, and WILL-FM


Frequency: 580 KHz

WILL operates at full power (5 KW) only during the hours of local sunrise to sunset. It is classified by the FCC as a Class D, DA-D (daytime, directional antenna), and has three other operating modes:

1. Pre-sunrise, which allows it to operate with a power of 335 watts between 6 AM, local time, and local sunrise, when local sunrise occurs after 6 AM; and

2. Post-sunset, which allows it to operate with gradually decreasing powers from 500 Watts to 100 Watts during the two hours which follow local sunset; and

3. Nighttime, which allows it to operate at a power level of 100 Watts after the post-sunset period ends and until pre-sunrise or daytime operation begins.

Get the detailed WILL-AM Transmitter Power Schedule here.

Directional Antenna

All power levels use the same directional antenna pattern, which is cardioid (heart-shaped), with a minimum toward WIBW in Topeka, Kansas, which is the primary station WILL is required to protect from interference.

The directional antenna consists of two guyed towers, 340 feet high (68 electrical degrees), spaced 636 feet (135 electrical degrees), on a line oriented 77.5 degrees with reference to true North. The base currents are equal, with the base current of the West tower leading by 32.7 degrees. The geographical coordinates of the antenna are:

40 deg, 04 min, 53 secs N
88 deg, 14 min, 18 secs W

which is located on the University of Illinois South Farms, about a mile south of the Assembly Hall in Champaign, IL.


Main Transmitter is a solid state Broadcast Electronics AM-6A. Backup transmitter is a Gates Five (FET output devices). Audio processor/modulation controller is an Orban 9100A/1 monaural unit with NRSC filter.


Frequency: 90.9 MHz

Power: 105 KW ERP


Dielectric DCR-C12, 12 bays in radomes, circularly polarized, side-mounted at the 850 foot level of a 1047 foot tower. The WILL-TV antenna is the top 122 feet of the structure.

Antenna Location

Approximately 25 miles SW of Champaign-Urbana, IL, or 5 miles west of Monticello, IL. The geographical coordinates are:

40 deg, 02 min, 20 secs N
88 deg, 40 min, 10 secs W

Coverage area

The 60 dBuV/m coverage area is a circle of radius 43.1 miles around the antenna.


Main transmitter is a 25 KW Broadcast Electronics FMi 25T(4CX20000C output tube). Backup transmitter is a 20 KW Broadcast Electronics FM20B(4CX12000A output tube). Audio processor/modulation controller is an Orban 8500 HD.


WILL-FM operates a translator to improve the signal in Urbana, IL, with output on 101.1 MHz. The Urbana antenna, which is located at 1108 Main, is 185 feet high with an ERP of 250 Watts.


Our transmitter is a Harris Solid State PTCD10P1 capable of 3.5 KW average digital power.

Transmitter Statistics

Licensed Power Output: 2.853 KiloWatts

Antenna Power Output: 30 KiloWatts

Transmitter Location

5 miles West of Monticello Illinois and one mile North of Interstate 72 or 40 degrees 02 min 18 sec North Latitude and 88 degrees 40 min 10 sec West Longitude. Total tower and antenna height 1047 feet. Antenna is a Dielectric TF-12HT-DC-S. 36 dBuV/m coverage is a 61 mile radius from transmitter.