Ag Notes

Audio from the All Day Ag Outlook


Use this player to listen to the audio from WILLAg’s All Day Ag Outlook held at the Beef House in Covington, Indiana Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

Global Weather
* Eric Snodgrass, Agrible - Champaign, Illinois

Cash Grain Panel
* Matt Bennett,
* Aaron Curtis, MID-CO Commodities - Bloomington, Illinois
* Brian Stark, The Andersons - Champaign, Illinois
* Chuck Shelby, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana

The Value of Farm Land
* Murray Wise, Murray Wise Associates LLC - Champaign, Illinois

Soybean Panel
* Ellen Dearden, AgReview - Morton, Illinois
* Bill Gentry, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana
* Pete Manhart, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
* Bill Mayer, Strategic Farm Marketing - Champaign, Illinois
* Jacquie Voeks, Stewart Peterson - Hollister, Missouri

Corn Panel
* Curt Kimmel, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
* Wayne Nelson, L&M Commodities - New Market, Indiana
* Mike Zuzolo, Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting - Atchison, Kansas
* Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois - Urbana, Illinois