American Portrait: Central Illinois

American Portrait | Central Illinois

American Portrait—a national storytelling project aligned with PBS’s 50th anniversary celebration—invites everyday people to participate in a national conversation about what it really means to be an American today. WILL-TV has put together a special local edition, American Portrait | Central Illinois, focusing exclusively on the lives of those in Central Illinois dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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American Portrait: Central Illinois. Lift every voice.

Lift Every Voice

The Windy City Performing Arts choirs, Danville High School Madrigals, and University of Illinois Black Chorus navigate a new set of challenges to singing together and keeping people safe.
American Portrait: Central Illinois. Living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Living Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

A pastor, a high school senior, a grocery store operator, a nurse and father, a small business owner, and an oil producer document the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on their everyday lives.