Atomic Age Cocktail Party

Polynesian Paradise (1058)

Atomic Age logo with an illustration of small island with a hut and two palm trees. Text reads Episode 1058 Polynesian Paradise

This time around, we’re making another musical excursion to imagined Pacific islands with the genre known as exotica…which was vastly popular for the American record buying world in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was music that created a fanciful and romanticized version of tropical life. We’ll hear from Gene Rains, Eden Ahbez, Don Tiki, The Out-Islanders, and more.


Title Artist Album
Ports of Paradise Alfred Newman & Ken Darby Ports Of Paradise
Forbidden Island Martin Denny Forbidden Island
Paradise Paul Conrad Exotic Paradise
Off Shore Gene Rains Rains In The Tropics
Island Girl Eden Ahbez Eden's Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle)
Moonflowers Warren Barker William Holden Presents A Musical Touch Of Far Away Places
Little Island The Out-Islanders Polynesian Fantasy
Polynesian Village Love Theme The Tikiyaki Orchestra Aloha, Baby!
Call Of The Islands Ìxtahuele Call Of The Islands
Friendly Islands Don Tiki South Of The Boudoir
The Sound Of Exotica Ted Auletta Exotica
Lost Island Clyde Derby Derby's Second Touch
Quiet Village John Evans and the Big Band Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass
Return To Paradise Phil Moore Polynesian Paradise
Ebb Tide Living Strings Living Strings Play Music Of The Sea
The Enchanted Sea Les Baxter Jewels Of The Sea