Backyard Industry

Bunch of Hooey


Urbana, IL batik artist Jill Miller took a basic arts and crafts class back in college. Once she discovered batik - making art with wax and dye and fabric - she forgot all about that degree in sociology.

Or did she? Her inspiration runs the gamut, but it's her beautiful, quirky depictions of flora, fauna, and tasty things to eat - not to mention her nods to neighborhood activities like corndog parties and lawn game tournaments - that say the most about the importance of the connection between where she comes from (not far from Springfield, IL - birthplace of the corndog, as it happens) and where she lives now. 

Note: Lisa is seriously not that good at batik.

Backyard Industry's mission: To enlighten, inspire, and encourage viewers, listeners, and readers with short audio and video stories about the frequently hidden intersections between food, tradition, community, projects, and practice in Central Illinois, the Midwest, and beyond. In other words, we want you to see and hear about local people doing interesting food-related projects ... and then we want you to consider doing your own food-related projects, and then we want you to take the plunge...with your own spin on them and at your own pace. Do it!

Backyard Industry's creator/producer/explorer-in-chief is Lisa Bralts.

Backyard Industry's director of photography/editor/stickler for detail is Tim Meyers.

Backyard Industry's project manager/main cheerleader is Jack Brighton.

Our pals at Automatic Empire provided all music, and we puffy heart them with glitter for it.

HUGE thanks to Jill Miller. This video is dedicated to the memory of Violet the Cat - we imagine she is not resting in peace, but is instead eating cheese on a kitchen counter in the great beyond - and Fausto the Dog, who is happily sniffing everyone's drink.