Bandwagon: Before the Food Coma


Wow - we're heading into the home stretch of 2016. Is it just us or has this year lasted FOREVER? Carrying on...

We're curious. What's your tradition at Thanksgiving? No, we're not talking whether or not mashed potatoes should be on the table (duh) or the merits of this or that casserole or pie. Nay - we are curious about your sports viewing habits on this particular holiday. The three of us compared notes.

Oh, University of Illinois men's basketball. Oh, oh, oh. The future looks bright... but if we're already saying "Wait 'til next year", this season could feel endless. We also took John's innocent question about how former-Illini-now-FSU-hooper Chatrice White is allowed to play as a transfer without sitting out for a year, and ended up going down a fairly deep rabbit hole about the whole transfer thing. It's complicated. 

Brian went to the recent Illinois/Iowa football contest, and was concerned: His loyalties were so mixed, they basically cancelled each other out. Does that ever happen to you? Which teams? Also introduced: the concept of the "meteor game".



Cowabunga! This episode's rivalry, brought to the group by Lisa, is possibly the greatest surfing rivalry of all time: that between Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. It's a great story, filled with occasional bad behavior and a rather sad ending. Watch these guys - they do amazing, impossible, dangerous things on waves.



Brian brought to our attention that someone is thinking of making a biopic about an Australian player in the NBA.

John shared his feelings about a recent timekeeping snafu.

Lisa loved seeing U.S. Men's Soccer fans calling for the hiring of Ted Lasso as head coach after the dismissal of Jurgen Klinsmann. Who is Ted Lasso, you ask?


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