E-Athletes, Gaining That Competitive Edge, and LeBron vs MJ: The Legacy Showdown


Jim Kelly/for Illinois Public Media

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OK, on to the sports and culture, y'all. In this episode:

We talk with Kurt Melcher of Robert Morris University about his school's eSports program, which is now a part of the school's athletic program. Here's Kurt giving a TedX talk about it earlier this year.


We also have a vigorous discussion about the legacy of LeBron James vs the legacy of Michael Jordan. No that we're totally Team James or anything, but here's the Game 7 block everyone saw... this time from multiple (and we do mean multiple) angles. 

To celebrate the start of the Tour de France, we thought we'd talk about the difference between athletes doing what they need to do to gain that competitive edge and... full-on cheating

Lastly, our social media selections for the episode were a soccer-fueled gas. In Brian's case, literally - John's and Lisa's were just funny.

John (and the rest of the world) really enjoyed this end-of-match call in the Iceland vs Austria match at the Euro 2016 tournament in France.

(Sorry for the crappy video)

Lisa really loves these extremely patriotic displays someone on the internet posts before the US Men's National team plays. This was the one posted before they took on Argentina:

It didn't do much good, sadly.

Until next time...