Sportswear, Brexit, and Yankees/Dodgers Nostalgia… Uh, Rivalry


Whee! Hi! We're still pretty excited about our new home...

... but it's business time, so let's get started. First we discuss the clothes professional athletes wear while they're doing their professionally sporty stuff. Remember the days where teams wore the same uniform design for years on end? Shyeah - you're old. Those days are LONG GONE, bub. Now we have the home uniform, the away uniform, the third uniform, the throwback uniform, the uniform we wear on Tuesdays, the whimsy uniform, etc. Two European soccer teams wearing their away kits for a Euro 2016 match for whatever reason? A TRAVESTY, apparently. Also, we wonder who was in charge regarding the latest tennis dress kerfuffle at Wimbledon. BONUS: The worst uniforms EVER at a World Cup. You're welcome. 

BREXIT: What does it mean for sports in the for-now-still UK? We have no idea, but after much nattering, we thought it might be a good idea to see if Kai Ryssdal will talk with us about it. Wouldn't it be cool if we could get him? Stand by. 

Are your all-stars still all-stars if they sit out the game(s) for whatever reason? John leads us through the discussion.

It's Brian's turn to bring the rivalry this week, and he does not disappoint: It's the for-the-ages 20th century rivalry between the Yankees and the Dodgers

Social media everywhere! We discover that U of I soccer's Brista Phillips is looking forward to the upcoming season (so are we!). There's been some controversy over the chasing of out-of-bounds balls at games. Here're some fun Chicago Bears moments in that realm for you:

Will it be an all-Williams sisters Wimbledon final? Will Portugal beat France in the Euro soccer final? Will Kai Ryssdal deign to join us to talk #Brexit? We'll be back in couple weeks with some answers. In the meantime, tweet us your questions/requests for coverage/friendly missives to: @bndwgnpdcst  

Until then!