Weather or Not


Our John Steinbacher is rooting for the Golden Knights as they hope to make a playoff run.

The cold weather hasn’t stopped us yet... as we bring in a special guest: Alan Montecillo, who is a HUGE basketball fan and producer of Illinois Public Media’s statewide talk show The 21st. Alan talks about the NBA playoffs and who he expects to advance and win it all. Also, we recap the Boston Marathon and its Illinois ties, the rising NHL team that no one expected to be any good in their first year, and Illini transfers moving to a rival school. So sit back, relax, and come jump on the Bandwagon!

1:16     TOP OF THE ORDER            

Lisa is back!!!! The whole gang's here as we start off the show by talking about the Boston Marathon as Sarah Sellers, a full-time nurse, won second place, but only entered the competition due to her brother. The marathon had Illinois ties as both the winner (Tatyana McFadden) and runner-up (Susannah Scaroni) both are University of Illinois graduates. Speaking of the Illini, several student-athletes have transferred from Illinois to Missouri, including former Mr. Basketball Mark Smith and a few volleyball players. Also, we talk about the roaring excitement for the Las Vegas Golden Knights as they reach the playoffs and sweep their first-round opponent during their first year as a team.


Our special guest this week is basketball expert and producer of The 21st, Alan Montecillo, as he talks about how his fandom of basketball started and the wide open NBA playoffs that started almost a week ago. He also talks about the surprise teams...such as the New Orleans Pelicans winning the first two at Portland, and the young Philadelphia 76ers, who are red hot after coming off a 16-game winning streak before the playoffs. And he talks about who will, if anyone, can dethrone LeBron from the East.

35:06       CONTROVERSY!

As we talked about the newest franchise in the NHL, the Las Vegas Knights earlier in the show, Lisa brings up this week’s controversy - franchise relocations. We look into what goes into relocating and what are the worst franchise relocations in sports history. Also, we chime in and talk about what current teams are looking to move and their status.

43:22      STATUS UPDATE!

John gets things rolling as he talks about a Deadspin article over-analyzing a little girl’s journey of getting a puck at a Washington Capitals playoff game. Roger talks about the controversial comment made by Oklahoma City Thunder announcer Brian Davis towards Russell Westbrook against the Grizzlies before the playoffs started. Lisa chimes in and talks about how scouting reports used to look back in the day, as there was no internet or iPads, just pen and paper. Finally, Brian wraps things up as he talks about the horrible weather around the country, as the Cubs and Cardinals game on 4/18 was MLB’s 25th postponed game so far in 2018 due to inclement weather.  


That’s a wrap for Episode 53! Join us next time as we dive into more intersections of sports and culture happening all over the world. While you’re waiting, check us out on Twitter and Facebook! Don’t forget to @ us, we love it when you do.