Winter Fun and Winter Games

5 people in a recording studio.

Team Bandwagon and Illinois wrestler Isaiah Martinez.

Good news, everyone - it's Olympic season!! We recap the early results and the main story lines involving the Games. Also, we have a special guest: Illini wrestler Isaiah Martinez comes in to discuss his career and MORE. So sit back, relax, and come jump on the Bandwagon!


We introduce the very first Bandwagon intern, Roger Blanco. We start off this week's episode with the Olympics, and give a sneak peek to the next episode about the individual sports we will be following. Then, we discuss the struggles of Illinois men's and women's basketball teams. 


Today, we talk to 2x National Champion and Illini wrestler Isaiah Martinez about what got him into wrestling, preparing for the Big Ten and National Championships, and whether he will particpate in future Olympic Games. Also, this macho man isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on social media when it comes to competing and about the culture around a white-dominated sport.

32:12     CONTROVERSY!

USA snowboarder and gold medal winner Shaun White enters the fray as he takes the spotlight for some right reasons and some wrong ones. We dive into the not-so-golden boy's alleged sexual harassment rumors and talk about why it hasn’t been covered as much during the Games.


John reveals NPR's gaffe regarding their tweet saying Shaun White won the silver medal, but we all knew he won gold. Lisa talks about #VirtureMoir , which is the hashtag of the last names of the Canadian ice dancing team. They spiced things up on and off the ice (with GIFs to prove so) during this year's Valentine’s Day. Roger talks about the history of the opening ceremonies and the record number of drones used during this year's opening. Finally, Brian chimes in and talks about the signing of Yu Darvish for the Chicago Cubs and how the signing of backup catcher Chris Jimenez had a huge role in Darvish's decision to join the North Side.

Episode 49 is in the books. Join us next time for the big 5-0 as we look to dig deeper into the Olympics and more. In the meantime, check us out, we've got Twitter and Facebook!