Classic Mornings

One At A Time

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You probably know by now. If not, let me be the one to tell you that we did reach our fiscal year end goal at the end of June! Now you know for sure!

According to John Steinbacher, Illinois Public Media’s Director of Development, 12,000 Friends of WILL and 100 businesses helped us reach that goal. That includes 1200 new Friends – first time contributors – during the past year! That’s support for WILL FM, AM and TV.

Thanks to everybody who contributed over the course of 365 days. Don’t we always say it happens that way and not all at once?

I wanted to be sure to get the word out to those who follow this blog, since the last post was just before the fiscal year end. (Even the blog gets a little time off now and then.) I didn’t want to wait until the next one, which is coming soon. Stay tuned, for that and for all the great classical music on WILL-FM!