Classics of the Phonograph

Camilla Wicks

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Camilla Wicks Wikimedia Commons

The Norwegian-American violinist Camilla Wicks passed away last November. She was a child prodigy, and her career peaked in the 1940s. She stepping back from her career to raise a family, but later resumed playing and teaching. She gave special attention to Norwegian composers, many of whom wrote music for her.

On Classics of the Phonograph, Saturday at 11 am on WILL-FM, we will hear her play Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.


Beethoven | Violin Concerto, Wicks, with New York Philharmonic, Bruno Walter conducting (Live Concert, 1953)
Klaus Egge | Violin Concerto, movements 2 and 3, Wicks, with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Olvin Fjeldstad conducting. Wicks also played the premiere of Egge's concerto in 1953. The Philips LP was published in 1968.