Charles Ives’ Second Symphony

November 11, 2017
Bernstein conducting the New York City Symphony (1945)

Bernstein conducting the New York City Symphony (1945)

By Fred Palumbo, World Telegram staff photographer - Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection., Public Domain,

Charles Ives' Second Symphony was completed in 1902, but it was about a half century before it was premiered in 1951 by the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Ives never attended performances of his works, and, in 1951, at age 77, Ives heard the premiere broadcast on the radio. In 1958, Leonard Bernstein made a recording with the N.Y. Philharmonic for Columbia Records.

On this week's Classics of the Phonograph, Saturday at 11 am on WILL-FM, we will hear that recording.    

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