Classics of the Phonograph

Hugo Alfven

The composer Hugo Alfvén

The composer Hugo Alfvén By Peder Severin Krøyer - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Oxxo. 2007-10-22 (original upload date). Original uploader was Ilja.nieuwland at en.wikipedia, Public Domain,

Hugo Alfven (1872-1960) is regarded by many as Sweden's most famous composer. His 1903 "Midsummer Vigil" has gone around the world. His five symphonies are less well known, but, thanks to the efforts of Neeme Jarvi and others, the symphonies and other orchestral works are getting a hearing on CDs.

On this week's Classics of the Phonograph, Saturday at 11 am on WILL-FM, we will explore some of Alfven's popular and less famous works.