Classics of the Phonograph

Nicholas Harnoncourt (1929-2016)

Nicholas Harnoncourt

Nicholas Harnoncourt (1929-2016) By Marcel Antonisse / Anefo - Derived from Nationaal Archief, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The famous conductor Nicholas Harnoncourt passed away recently. Harnoncourt was a pioneer in the mid-twentieth century movement to perform music of the past, especially the Baroque era, in a style and with a sound as close as possible to that achieved during the composer's life time. Harnoncort's recordings with the Concentus Musicus Wien served as models for many performers and record makers of the 1960s and on.

On this week’s Classics of the Phonograph, Saturday at 11 am on WILL-FM 90.9, we will play some of Harnoncourt's best known records.