County Fair

Behind the Scenes Photos from the Production of “County Fair”

woman walks a cow in front of a tractor
cow with father and twin daughters
sun setting over family farm sign
man climb on truck
man driving truck
sun setting over hazy field
purple ribbon
purple and blue ribbon
stack of bags of potatoes
girl sitting and writing in journal
woman interviews girl in bedroom
girl adjusts belt in trailer
girl interviewed in bedroom
man stands in trailer
tray of grooming tools
show feed bag
man being interviewed
man juggles
fresh fries
two men stand in fry trailer
girl walks cow in front of tractor
cow and calf stand in field
sun sets with circus performer
circus performer in front of sunset
camera in front of field
usa flag cowboy boots
woman interviews man on bleachers
man sits in chair while being interviewed
woman stands holds up dresses
woman sits on a couch with ribbons dresses and dog
man interviews another man sitting at table
man interviews another man sitting on a bleacher
woman interviews man in barn
woman interviews man in garage
woman interviews man in radio studio
girl sits at microphone in studio
man and woman interview girl in bedroom
two girls stand together
woman walks a cow in front of a tractor