A Dialogue with Professor and Producer Lamont Holden on creating musical opportunities, with reflections on William Patterson’s Legacy

Lamont Holden and the late William Patterson.

Lamont Holden and the late William Patterson.

This week, host and producer Kennedy Vincent had a dialogue with Lamont Holden, also known as LetterLBeats. He’s a music producer, audio engineer, podcast host, voting member of the recording academy, and a professor at the University of Illinois who teaches hip-hop music production. During the conversation, he talked about how he creates opportunities to help those with a burning passion for music, such as his new Illini writing camp, which is building the pipeline between Champaign-Urbana and Atlanta. He also discussed how to manage expectations of fame when entering the music industry, and how hip-hop is affecting our culture today.

Following Holden, is a dialogue with Johnnie Campbell, Donte Lotts, and Dante Scott, who were all connected to the late William Patterson, who positively influenced the entire Champaign-Urbana community by bringing STEM and recreational programs to under-resourced neighborhoods.


Lamont Holden

Music Producer, LetterLBeats

Clinical Assistant Professor of Audio & Recording Technologies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Co-founder, Boom Boom Room Productions Writing Camp

Voting Member, Recording Academy

Johnnie Campbell

CEO and founder, COFT Apparel Co.

Donte Lotts

Social Worker, Trauma & Resilience Initiative, Inc.

Dante Scott

Street college mentor, STEAM Genius (Donations)