A Dialogue with the Invisible Institute

Trina Reynolds-Taylor, Sarah Conway, and Yohance Lacour with the dialogue logo and Invisible Institute logo.

Trina Reynolds-Taylor, Yohance Lacour, and Sarah Conway

On this episode of Dialogue, we hear from the host of The 21st, Brian Mackey, who sat down with the Invisible Institute to discuss "Missing in Chicago", their long-term investigation into thousands of missing person cases, and its imbalanced effect on Black Chicagoans. 

Then, a conversation with Invisible Institute journalist Yohance Lacour, the host of "You Didn't See Nothin", an investigative series on the 1997 attack of Lenard Clark. 

Finally, a look into the investigative collaboration between Illinois Public Media and the Invisible Institute in the Champaign-Urbana area. 



Trina Reynolds-Taylor,

Director of Data, Invisible Institute 

Sarah Conway

Senior Reporter and Special Projects Manager, City Bureau 

Yohance Lacour

Writer, Invisible Institute

Farrah Anderson 

Reporter, Illinois Public Media and Invisible Insitute

Sam Stecklow

Journalist, Invisible Institute