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Asking questions about education technology at your kids’ school

iPad tablet sitting on top of notebooks, with ruler and apple nearby

Parents and educators continue to find new ways that digital technology helps kids learn. At the same time, reports caution parents to place limits on the amount of screen time their children spend each day. And in a world gone digital, how do you as a parent keep pace with both these learning technologies and the associated terms that describe them?

NPR Education worked with WNYC in New York to provide helpful resources, including questions to ask of your kids’ teachers, as well as a glossary of common ed-tech terms, such as 1:1 and personalized learning. (We offer the printable pdf below.)

It’s all here, including a half-hour conversation with teachers, students, app makers and parents from WNYC’s New Tech City. You’ll also find NPR Education’s updated reports about classrooms of the future, limiting screen time and much more.