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“Let’s Learn” Series on WILL-TV Brings Teachers Into Homes of Young Children


The coronavirus pandemic has stretched all of us and parents of small children are no exception.  WILL-TV has something new to offer you!  Starting Monday, February 1, we will broadcast a new instructional series for children ages 3-8 called “Let’s Learn.” The program airs weekdays from 11am until noon.

Let’s Learn aims to provide our young learners with knowledge and skills to learn and succeed during these challenging times. Our contributors create engaging, authentic, and interactive lessons that are accessible to students from their homes.

These hour-long programs feature lessons on literacy, math, social studies and science.  Educators recorded these lessons from their homes and apartments during the pandemic Sometimes, they incorporate their own children and pets into the lessons they are teaching.

While the series is aimed at a wide range of ages, segments might serve as introduction, reinforcement, or enrichment to material depending on students’ needs. To paraphrase Catherine Snow, expert on language and literacy development in children, the teaching that is taking place “…is helpful for all children, harmful for none, and crucial for some.”

And those with Internet access can watch the series anytime on Illinois Edition of PBS Learning Media.

If you have any feedback about this new series, WILL’s Education Department would like to know. Email

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