Guinea worm is removed from patient's leg.

Center for Disease Control

Education Blog - March 22, 2015

Providing a Hook Into Classroom Lessons

Using the "gross factor" that speaks straight to the middle school mind, Peoria, Ill., science teacher Emily Dawson explains how she uses video from PBS LearningMedia to introduce roundworms and hookworms to her students.

Students stirring a fluid in a beaker in their science class.

Education Blog - March 02, 2015

Easy DNA-Extracting Experiment Using Student Cheek Cells

Using PBS LearningMedia, some simple household supplies and students' willingness to donate their cheek cells, science teachers can easily add this DNA-extracting activity to their classroom experiments.

Education Blog - January 15, 2015

Upcoming Opportunities for Teachers

There are two great, free opportunities for teachers who are interested in education, technology, and digital media: #EdCampCU and a free PBS Learning Media Digital Innovators application webinar.

Student Sonie Toe examines polyhedra made from paper

Photo by Kimberlie Kranich

Education Blog - December 18, 2014

Building polyhedra to teach geometry to middle school students

Geometry:  Let’s Face It, a 27-minute professional development video and support documents for middle school math teachers from PBS Learning Media, is “excellent,” according to Jayadev Athreya, assistant professor and director of the Illinois Geometry Lab at the University of Illinois.