Evening Concert

A Classical All-Fools’ Day by Vincent Trauth from Illinois Public Media


Tonight at 7:00 on WILL-FM’s ‘Evening Concert’ it's "A Classical All-Fools’ Day”. This original special from Illinois Public Media uses recordings from the Friends’ of WILL Music Library and features Mozart’s “A Musical Joke”, P.D.Q.Bach’s “1712 Overture”, Anna Russell’s Analysis of Wagner’s ‘Ring’ Cycle and other music jokes and routines.Vincent Trauth (trauth@illinois.edu) is the host and producer of the program.

Tuesday April 1:  A Classical All-Fools’ Day [From IPM by Vincent Trauth]

[Pre-empts Chicago Symphony Orchestra which returns next week]

Two hours of music jokes, and humor, and even the two together!

J. STRAUSS, JR.: Perpetual Motion – Musical Jest, Op. 257.

CHOPIN: Scherzo #2 in B-flat Min., Op.31.

BEETHOVEN: Sym. #3: Scherzo.

BALAKIREV: Scherzo #3 in F-sharp Major.

MOZART: A Musical Joke, K. 522.

P.D.Q.BACH (Peter SCHIKELE): 1712 Overture.
J. STRAUSS, JR.: Scherzo (Joke) Polka, Op. 72.

CHOPIN: Scherzo #3.

DVORAK: Sym. #9.: Scherzo
WAGNER arr. Anna RUSSELL: The Ring of the  Nibelungs” (An Analysis)
Victor BORGE: Excerpts from his musical comedy act.