“The Score: Native Americans” and “A Harvest Home Thanksgiving” on tonight’s “Evening Concert”

November 26, 2015

Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on WILL-FM 90.9 we pre-empt “The New York Philharmonic This Week” to present two Thanksgiving Specials: “The Score with Edmund Stone” features music from Native American-themed films like “Dances With Wolves”, and “A Harvest Home Thanksgiving” with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

The Score with Edmund Stone: Native Americans

Music from films : Dances With Wolves, Smokesignals, Windwalkers, and more.

A Harvest Home Thanksgiving

Harvest Home     Todd Hallawell / Robin Kessinger     Ear Candy.    Soundset Acoustic     2009     02:34

Home #235    Robin & Linda Williams    Deeper Waters.  Red House    2004       03:49

Our Old Home      David Norris          Southern Son.      Chaptico Songworks     2009     02:53

Snowbird In the Ashbank    Fiddle Fever          The Best of Fiddle Fever - Waltz of The Wind.           Flying Fish          1989   02:30

Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia       Merle Haggard        The Peer Sessions.        Peer Southern Productions      2002     03:52

The Harvest Home Suite: Autumn (Thanksgiving Hymn)         Ungar & Mason   Harvest Home.            Angel / EMI      1999      03:13

Garden Song      David Mallett        Inches & Miles.          Flying Fish              1990  02:56

Sweet Potatoes     Pete Seeger          The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert, June 8, 1963 (Live).   Sony      1989     02:51

Great Big Taters In The Sandy Land     Rayna Gellert & Friends         Ways Of The World.      Yodel-Ay-Hee  2008     02:37

Autumn Leaves        Chet Atkins and Jethro Burns    A Prairie Home Companion: Duets.     Highbridge             2007   03:31

Come On in My Kitchen       Robert Johnson   King of the Delta Blues Singers.                            Sony 1990     02:54

Green Onions      Vassar Clements Livin' With The Blues.              Acoustic Disc         2004  03:29

No Hard Times      Jimmie Rodgers   Recordings 1927 - 1933.         JSP      2007  03:11

Ol' Cook Pot         The Duhks              Migrations.        Sugarhill        2006  02:35

Pans of Biscuits       Kate Campbell      Blues and Lamentations.       Large River Music           2005     02:44

Settin' by the Fire     Ungar & Mason   The Pleasures of Winter.      Swinging Door      2009  03:49

Turkey Knob     Todd Hallawell / Robin Kessinger       Ear Candy.             Soundset Acoustic     2009      03:23

Y'All Come     Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys         1954 - 1957.           JSP     2009     02:19

Classical 24 Music Playlist

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