Evening Concert

“And Glory Shone Around: An Early- American Christmas with the Rose Ensemble” on the Evening Concert


Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on WILL-FM 90.9 you’ll hear a first-time presentation of the holiday special “And Glory Shone Around: An Early- American Christmas with the Rose Ensemble”. It features carols from the New England colonies, Shaker spiritual songs and other folk tunes.

Monday December 22:

Holiday Special:

And Glory Shone Around: An Early-American Christmas with the Rose Ensemble
This special draws from 19th-century songbooks, featuring carols of the New England colonies, Appalachian folk tunes, Southern shape-note singing, Shaker spiritual songs and the close harmonies that gave birth to bluegrass.

John Playford: Drive the Cold Winter Away
Daniel Read: Sherburne
Thomas Hastings: Still Water
Anonymous (shaker): Peace and Joy
Augustus Blase: Now My Dear Companions
Anonymous (shaker): Christmas Eve
William Billings: Judea
John Jacob Niles: I Wonder as I Wander
Traditional (American): Cold Frosty Morning
J.T. White: Jordan's Shore
Anon. (KY Fiddle Tune): Old Christmas Morning
(First hald credit music)
Anonymous (shaker): Give Good Gifts
Patsy Williamson: Pretty Home
(addit. verses by the Boston Camerata)
William Bradford: A Word to Boston/Our Forefathers' Song
Anon. (Southern Harmony): Star in the East
Anon.(CA 1890), Elderkin: Jesus the Light of the World
John Playford: Scotch Cap