Evening Concert

Composers from Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, and Argentina


Join us tonight for The Evening Concert with back-to-back episodes of “Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari”.  At 7:00 it’s “Distinguished Composers from Venezuela, Mexico, Panama and Cuba” and at 8:00 “Two Argentine Composers Living in the U.S.”

Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari: Distinguished composers from Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, and Cuba

Music from two Cuban child-prodigies, Teresa Carreño and José White, to the ‘Concierto del Sur’
by Mexican composer Manuel Ponce and the ‘Eight Miniatures for Small Orchestra’ by
Panamanian composer Roque Cordero.
Theresa CARRENO: Vals Gayo (Clara Rodriguez, piano)
Manuel PONCE: Concierto del Sur (Philarmonic Orchestra of the Americas, Alondra de la Parra, conductor)
Roque CORDERO: Eight Miniatures for Small Orchestra (Chicago Sinfonietta; Paul
Freeman, conductor)
José WHITE: Etude No. 6 (Rachel Barton Pine, violin)

Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari: Two Argentine composers living in the United States

Mathematician emeritus and composer Florencio Asenjo, founder of musical “Maximalism” and
composer/arranger Carlos FRANZETTI, with a career in salsa, tango and jazz, as well as classical
music, were both born in Argentina. A program on these two otherwise very different
composers from Rio de la Plata.
Florencio ASENJO: Sinfonia Concertante (Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic/Kirk Trevor, cond.)
FRANZETTI: Symphony No. 3 (Illinois State University Wind Symphony/Stephen Steel, cond.)
FRANZETTI: Movements (4) for Virtuosi (excerpt) (Palisades Virtuosi)