Evening Concert

“Dutoit and Dufour” on the “Chicago Syphony Orchestra” Broadcast


Tonight at 7:00 on WILL-FM’s, “Evening Concert” Matthieu Dufour is the flute soloist in the World Premiere  of Guillaume CONNESSON’s “pour sortir au jour” [CSO co-commission; World Premiere] with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Charles Dutoit guest conducts. Also on the program Saint-Saens’ 3rd Symphony, the “Organ” Symphony, and selections from Dukas’ “La peri”.

Tuesday May 20:  Chicago Symphony Orchestra (#14-20)

Dutoit and Dufour

Charles Dutoit, conductor; *Matthieu Dufour, flute; **Paul Jacobs, organ

DUKAS: La Peri: Fanfare and poème dansé
*Guillaume CONNESSON (b. 1970, France): pour sortir au jour [CSO co-commission; World Premiere]
**SAINT-SEANS: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 78, “Organ”
[CSO fill: John WILLIAMS: Violin Concerto (Gil Shaham, violin; John Williams, conductor)]