Evening Concert

Debussy’s “La Mer” (The Sea)


Thurs. Mar. 3: This Week fr. China’s National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA 22-09 of 13)
Debussy:  La mer.  NCPA Orchestra/LÜ Jia, conductor

ZHAO Jiping: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D Minor, “The Disillusioned Dream” 

NCPA Orchestra/LÜ Jia, conductor; LI-WEI Qin, cello

Beethoven:  Egmont, Op. 84; Prometheus Overture; Coriolan Overture; Fidelio Overture  

NCPA Orchestra/LÜ Jia, conductor; SONG Yuanming, soprano; SUN Qiang, narrator

SHI Guangnan; Lyrics: Xiaoguang, Adapted by DONG Yuexian: On the Hopeful Field
Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Chorus of Beijing Musician's Association/TAN Lihua, conductor