Evening Concert

Mandolinist Avi Avital plays Bach’s “A Minor Concerto”


Wednesday, July 7: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts 2020-14 (DWF 20-14)

Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, part one

Location: Pronstorf Country Estate, Schleswig-Holstein
Performed by: NDR Elbphilharmonie orchestra (1,2,4,6)
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Soloists: Martin Grubinger (3)
Sol Gabetta, cello (5)
Kristian Bezuidenhout, piano (5)
Sabine Meyer, clarinet (6)
Reiner Wehle, basset horn (6)
Daniel Müller-Schott, cello (7)
Annika Treutler, piano (7)

(1) BACH: Violin concerto in A Minor, BWV 1041, adapted for mandolin (11:27)
(2) GRIEG: From Holberg's Time, suite op. 40, version for strings (19:48)
(3) ISHII: Thirteen drums (10:14)
(4) BOIELDIEU: Harp concerto in C Major, arranged for strings by Arthur Lilienthal (21:41)
(5) BEETHOVEN: Sonata No. 3 in A Major for cello and piano, op. 69 (19:12)
(6) MENDELSSOHN: Concert piece No. 1 for clarinet, basset horn and orchestra, arranged by Rainer Schottstädt
(7) DVORAK: Romantic pieces, op. 75