Evening Concert

“The Millenarian Venice: Gateway to the East”


Wednesday, November 17: Carnegie Hall Live (10TH Anniversary Season) (CHL 21-07)

The Millenarian Venice: Gateway to the East: 700–1797: A Crossroads Between the Orient and Europe

For 1,000 years, Venice was a world capital of trade and culture. Jordi Savall and his international band of ancient instrument performers trace the melodies from across the Mediterranean to Persia, the Ottoman empire; and from Rome to France to 11th century Greece — all through music that moved through Venice.

Jordi Savall, director, Treble Viol, and Lyra / Orthodox-Byzantine Vocal Ensemble / La Capella Reial de Catalunya / Hesperion XXI / Le Concert des Nations

Anon.: Calling of the Bells and Fanfare St. John Of Damascus "Alleluia"

Anon.: Erotokritos MARCABRU "Pax in nomine Domini!"

Traditional: Dance of the Soul, from the North African Berber Ritual

Anon.: Ton Dhespotin, from the Sunday Service of Orthros

Traditional: Armenian Song and Dance; Conductus: O totius Asie Gloria"

Anon.: "Pasan tin elpida mou"; Anon. : Chiave, chiave; Anon.: Adoramus te, from the Mass Proper

Anon.: “Tin dheisin mou"; Traditional: Nikriz; Dufay: "O tres piteulx" / "Omnes amici eius"

Janequin: “Escoutez tous gentilz" (La bataille de Marignan; La guerre)

S. Rossi.: "Al naharot bavel," from Hashirim asher lish'lomo

Willaert: "Vecchie letrose, non valete niente"

Kladas: Yefvsasthe kai idhete, from the Holy Eucharist

Lobwasser: "Ficht wieder meine Anfechter" (Psalm 35), from Der Psalter ... in deutsche reyme (arr. Claude Goudimel); Traditional: Laïla Djân; Monteverdi: Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

Vivaldi: Di queste selve venite, o Numi," from La senna festeggiante, RV 693

Mozart: Rondo alla turca from Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331 (arr. Jordi Savall)

Byzantios: Kraterna

Marchant:: “Nous sommes tous égaux," from La constitution française en chanson (arr. Jordi Savall)

Anon.: "Mia cara Anzoletta," from A Second Set of Venetian Ballads for the German Flute, Violin, or Harpsichord compos'd by Sigr. Hasse and All the Celebrated Italian Masters (Gondolier Song; arr. Jordi Savall)

Bordese: "La Sainte Ligue" ("La nuit est sombre"), after Beethoven Symphony No. 7 and Symphony No. 5, from L'Orphéon classique populaire, fragments des chefs d'oeuvre des grand maîtres (arr. Jordi Savall)