Evening Concert

“Fiesta of the Guitar” and “Orchestral Music of Astor Piazzolla”


Join us tonight for The Evening Concert with back-to-back episodes of “Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari”.  At 7:00 it’s “Fiesta of the Guitar” with music by Barrios, Brouwer and others, and at 8:00 the rarely heard purely classical works of Piazzolla like the “3 Symphonic Movements” on “Orchestral Music of Astor Piazzolla”.

Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari: Fiesta of the Guitar
This week, Fiesta! celebrates a wide range of Latin American guitar music; there’s the thriving crossover of classical style and popular folk and cultural themes, an intersection which has a rich history and continuing tradition of innovative guitar music.
Luiz BONFA’, arr., Carlos BARBOSA-LIMA: Sambolero (Carlos Barbosa-Lima, guitar)
Agustin BARRIOS: El Ultimo Canto (Berta Rojas, guitar)
Juan FALU: Chacarera Ututa (Berta Rojas, guitar)
Juan FALU: 3 mvts fr. Suite Argentina: Zamba, Estilo, Malambo (Paco Péña and Eduardo Falú, gtr)
Luiz BONFA: Manha de Carnaval (Carlos Barbosa-Lima, guitar)
Luiz BONFA: Na Sombra (Carlos Barbosa-Lima, guitar)
Chico BUARQUE DE HOLLANDA: A Novia de Cidade, Embebedado (Arthur Nestrovski, guitar)
Fernando CABRERA: El tiempo está despues (Gustavo Ripa, guitar)
Leo BROUWER: Danza caracteristica (Miguel Trapaga, guitar)
Fiesta! with Elbio Barilari: The Orchestral World of Astor Piazzola
Astor Piazzolla is world famous for his work in revolutionizing the field of nuevo tango. More obscure are his pure classical works, which we will explore today. All works on the program are by Astor PIAZZOLLA:  Suite for Oboe and String Orchestra (Camerata Bariloche, Andres Spiller, conductor)
Tres Movimientos Sinfonicos (Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra, Juan Jose Mosalini, conductor)
Suite Punta del Este (Camerata Bariloche, Daniel Binelli, bandoneon)