Evening Concert

“Early Music Cologne” from Deutsche Welle on tonight’s “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on FM 90.9 you’ll hear performances from “Early Music Cologne” from the Deutsche Welle Festival Concert series. Anna Danilevskaia leads the Sollazzo Ensemble in selections by early music composers, including the famous “Anonymous”.  Also on the program, Cantus Coln performs music by Buxtehude.

Monday July 10: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts (DWF 2016-02) (Second in series)

Early Music Cologne

Location: Peace Church, Cologne (1-11)
Performed by: Sollazzo Ensemble (1-11) Conductor: Anna Danilevskaia (1-11)

(1) TREBOR: Hé trez doulz roussignol joly (The beautiful nightingale sings so sweetly) (01:55)
(2) ANON: Pour un attrait (For an attraction) (03:15)
(3) FIRENZE: Come in sul fonte (As in a fountain) (03:12)
(4) SENLÈCHES: En ce gracieux temps (In these graceful times) (02:00)
(5) HASPROIS: Puisque je suy fumeux (Because I have smoked) (04:10)
(6) SOLAGE: Fumeux fume (Smoking song) (03:20)
(7) ANON: Estampie, anonymous 14th century dance (02:57)
(8) TREBOR: En seumeillant m'avint une vision (While sleeping there came to me a vision) (04:53)
(9) ANON: Estampie from the 14th century (04:54)
(10) SOLAGE: Le Basile (The Basilisk) (03:34)
(11) ANON: Or sus vous dormez trop (Wake up, you sleep too much) (04:27)

Location: Church of the Holy Trinity, Cologne (12-15)

Cantus Cölln (12-15) Conductor: Konrad Junghänel (12-15)

(12) KUHNAU: Gott, sei mir gnädig (God lend me your grace) (10:36)
(13) BUXTEHUDE: Gott, hilf mir (God help me) (14:34)
(14) BRUHNS: Ich liege und schlafe (I lie and sleep) (15:42)
(15) BUXTEHUDE: Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr (I love you from my heart, o Lord) (17:30)