Evening Concert

Grieg’s 2nd “Violin Sonata” and Beethoven’s 4th “Violin Sonata” on tonight’s “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on WILL-FM 90.9 it’s the “Shanghai Spring International Music Festival”.  You’ll hear the story of how the Western violin swept to popularity in China. 19-year old phenom Zhang Jinru is the soloist in Grieg’s 2nd Violin Sonata and Beethoven’s 4th Violin Sonata.

Monday September 12: Shanghai Spring [International Music Festival] (SSF 15-06)( of 8)

The Chinese Violin

One of the key moments in the emergence of Western classical music in China happened right here at Shanghai Spring with the world premiere of the Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto. Hear the story about how the Western violin swept to popularity in China. You’ll also learn how the er’hu — the instrument sometimes called the Chinese violin — emerged as China’s most important national instrument, transcending its origins as a lowly folk instrument played by street musicians to become the backbone of the Chinese orchestra.

CHEN Gang: Morning of Miao Mountain; Shanghai Phil. Orchestra/ZHANG Liang — violin: WANG Zhijong

GRIEG, Edvard: Violin Sonata no. 2; violin: ZHANG Jinru — piano: MA Sichen

XU Jingxin: Melody of Ripples; Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra/ZHANG Liang — erhu: DUAN Kaikai

HUA Yanjun (better known as ABING): The Moon Rejected in the Second Spring; HUA Yanjun (better known as ABING) historic recording by Central Conservatory of Music (found onYoutube)

SUN Wenming Erhu Solo Percussion Music; SUN Huang

GUAN Naizhong Mourning Qiu Jin at the Foot of the Wind and Rain Pavilion; Shanghai Opera House Orchestra/ZHANG Guoyong — erhu: HUANG Xiaoqing

MA Sicong Song of Nostalgia; MA Sicong Violin Treasures by Ma Sicong (China Record Corpora-on)

BEETHOVEN Ludwig van Violin Sonata no. 4; violin: ZHANG Jinru — piano: MA Sichen

VERDI Giuseppe “Va pensiero” from Nabucco; Canadian Opera Company Orchestra & Chorus/BRADSHAW Richard Rarities by Rossini and Verdi (1995, CBC Records)

CHEN Gang & HE Zhanhao The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto; Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra/FAN Chengwu — violin: NISHIZAKI Takako The Butterfly Lovers (Naxos)

TCHAIKOVSKY Peter Violin Concerto in D major; Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra/MACELLONI Fabio — violin: ZHANG Jinru