Evening Concert

Soundtracks 2012 Sunday Feb. 17 at 7 pm


 Last Sunday night was the Grammys. Next Sunday night is the Oscars. THIS Sunday night from 7 to 9, it's “Soundtracks 2012.”

You'll hear Grammy and Oscar nominees from the past year's movies with music composed by John Williams, Thomas Newman, Mychael Danna and others from films like “Lincoln,” “Skyfall,” “Life of Pi,” “The Artist” and others. 

The "Lincoln" soundtrack is classic John Williams,and that is meant as high praise; he always delivers the perfect sonic soundscape for the images he is given. And since John WIlliams is a master composer, he can channel Aaron CopIand any time he wants to, and he does. On first listen I found myself saying at times (in a good way), "That sounds like Copland could have written that." The score by Mychael Danna for "Life of Pi" offers a more "world-music" take on filmscore, while Thomas Newman makes many a sly nod to the original Bond themes in his score to "Skyfall." I hope you can tune in for a tremendously fun show!     - Vincent Trauth