Evening Concert

Two Holiday Programs “In Italia” & “A Baroque Christmas” pre-empt Chamber Music


Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on FM 90.9 the “Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center” and the “Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival” are pre-empted by “In Italia” and “A Baroque Christmas in the New World”.  

Sunday December 24: Two Holiday Specials

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 17) and

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival (SFE 17) are pre-empted this week

In Italia: A Renaissance Christmas From Venice, Naples, Milan And Beyond 2017
In the sixteenth-century, the splendor of the Renaissance blossomed across Italy as a new Holy Roman Empire stretched its wings from the Urals to the Atlantic. This special holiday edition of Harmonia brings listeners wonderful sixteenth-century Christmas music from the Venetian world of Giovanni Bassano and Gioseffo Zarlino, moving westward to the Milan of Franchinus Gaffurius, and southerly to the Naples of Diego Ortiz.

Baroque Christmas in the New World 2017
…..brings your listeners music from 17th- and 18th-century Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, including a cantata and three free-standing works by Sumaya — most of which comes from the only surviving manuscript in full-score in Sumaya's own hand.