Evening Concert

Schubert’s “Quintet in C Major, D.956”


Sunday February 14: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 21-21)

At the Mountain Top

Schubert: Quintet in C major for Two Violins, Viola, and Two Cellos, D. 956, Op. 163.

Arnaud Sussmann, Violin I; Sean Lee, Violin II; Matthew Lipman, Viola; Clive Greensmith, Cello I; David Requiro, Cello II


Early Music With Sara Schneider (EMN 20-34)

Ockeghem's Requiem

The profoundly beautiful Requiem by Johannes Ockeghem may have been composed to commemorate the death of a French king. We'll hear a performance by Cappella Pratensis, which was recently included in Gramophone's list of Top Choice classical recordings. We'll also hear some of Ockeghem's songs performed by the Boston-based ensemble Blue Heron.

Johannes Ockeghem: Requiem. Cappella Pratensis.

Ockeghem: Aultre Veunus estes sans faille. Quant de vous seul je pers la veue. Mort, tu as navré de ton dart. O Rosa Bella. Fors seullement l’actente ce qu’ay promis. Blue Heron.