Evening Concert

Trios by Beethoven and Paganini on the “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 you’ll hear Beethoven’s Opus 25 D Major “Serenade for Flute, Violin, and Viola” on “The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center”. At 8:00 you’ll hear music from the era of Charles the Bold on “Early Music Now”.

Sunday January 12: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 19-16)

For Three

Paganini: Terzetto concertante in D major for Viola, Guitar, and Cello.

Benjamin Beilman, Viola; Jason Vieaux, Guitar; Dane Johansen, Cello

Beethoven: Serenade in D major for Flute, Violin, and Viola, Op. 25. 

Tara Helen O'Connor, Flute; Ida Kavafian, Violin; Daniel Phillips, Viola


Early Music Now with Sara Schneider (EMN 19-29)

The Musical Life of Charles the Bold

Charles the Bold's death in battle on January 5, 1477 changed the course of European history. He was also a music lover who took musicians and composers with him on all his travels, including his military campaigns. We'll hear music from his court, plus selections from a mass associated with his marriage to Margaret of York. Our performers include The Binchois Consort and Gothic Voices.

Anon.: Fanfare ‘ad modum tubae’. The Minstrels of Charles the Bold;

Hayne van Ghizeghem: Amours, amours. Les Flamboyants

Antoine Busnois: Kyrie from ‘Missa L’homme armee’. The Minstrels of Charles the Bold;

Anon.: 3 basses danses. The Minstrels of Charles the Bold;

Duke Charles the Bold: Ma Dame. The Minstrels of Charles the Bold;

Antoine Busnois: In Hydraulis. Pomerium.    

Hayne van Ghizeghem: De tous bien playne. Ensemble Daedalus

Robert Morton: Le souvenir de vous me tue. Gothic Voices

Robert Morton: Plus j’ay le monde regarde. Gothic Voices

Walter Frye: So ys emprinted. Gothic Voices

Walter Frye: Missa Summa Trinitati (selections). The Binchois Consort

Robert Morton: L’Homme Armee. Capella de la Torre