Evening Concert

A string quartet by Dvorak and ‘grounds’ by Purcell on the “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 you’ll hear Dvorak’s “Opus 51 String Quartet in E-flat Major” and music of Stravinsky and Villa-Lobos on “The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center”. At 8:00 you’ll hear music of Frescobaldi, Henry Purcell and others on “Early Music Now”.

Sunday May 17: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 19-34)


Villa-Lobos: Assobio A Játo [The Jet Whistle] for Flute and Cello Sooyun Kim, Flute; Mihai Marica, Cello

Stravinsky: Five Easy Pieces for Piano, Four Hands Gilbert Kalish, Gilles Vonsattel, Piano

Dvorák: Quartet in E-flat major for Strings, Op. 51 Schumann Quartet (Erik Schumann, Ken Schumann, Violin; Liisa Randalu, Viola; Mark Schumann, Cello)


Early Music Now with Sara Schneider (EMN 19-47)

On the Ground

The program differs from the one listed in Patterns Magazine

Whether you call it a passacaglia, chaconne, or ground, the technique of virtuosic writing over a repeated theme in the bass seems to bring out the best in a composer! We'll hear favorites by Buxtehude, Bertali, Falconieri, and more!

Andrea Falconieri: Ciaconna; Capella de la Torre

Tarquinio Merula: Ciacona; and Maurizio Cazzati: Passacaglio; Ensemble Badinerie

Henry Purcell: Three Parts upon a Ground; Hesperion XXI

Henry Purcell: Mark how readily each pliant string; Anna Prohaska, soprano & Arcangelo

Henry Purcell: Curtain Tune from ‘Timon of Athens’; Arcangelo

Dieterich Buxtehude: Passacaglia in D minor; Harald Vogel, organ

Girolamo Frescobaldi: 2 Passacaglias; Ingrid Matthews, violin & Byron Schenkman, harpsichord

Samuel Capricornus: Ciaconna in D major for violin and viola da gamba; Ensemble Echo du Danube

Antonio Bertali: Ciacona; L’Arpeggiata

Giovanni Felice Sances: Lament on the Passacaglia; Maura Pederzoli, soprano & Sergio Vartolo, harpsichord

Robert de Visee: Chaconne des Harlequins de Mr. Lully; Nigel North, lute