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The Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Debate


Tonight at 7:00 we’ll pre-empt “The New York Philharmonic This Week” so that we can bring you a simulcast of the Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Debate. Four of the Republican candidates for Governor of Illinois square off in a debate moderated by H. Wayne Wilson, host & producer of WTVP’s “At Issue”.

Thursday January 23: The Illinois Gubernatorial Debate

[Pre-empts tonight’s New York Philharmonic This Week (#14-16)]

At press time, four of the Republican candidates for IL governor were acheduled to participate in a debate hosted by four Illinois public broadcasters and the League of Women Voters of Illinois.

The 90-minute debate will air on public TV and radio stations throughout the state at 7 p.m., followed by 30 minutes of post-debate analysis. The debate will take place in Peoria at WTVP (Peoria/Bloomington), which will sponsor and broadcast the debate along with WILL-TV and WILL-AM-FM (Urbana), WSIU-FM-TV (Carbondale) and WUIS-FM (Springfield). Additional TV stations carrying the debate are WTTW, Chicago; WEIU, Charleston; WQPT, Quad Cities; WSEC, Springfield; WMEC, Macomb; WQEC, Quincy. Other radio stations broadcasting the debate are WCBU-FM, Peoria; WBEZ-FM, Chicago; WUSI-FM, Olney; WVSI-FM, Mt. Vernon; WIPA-FM, Pittsfield; WIUM-FM, Macomb; WVIK-FM, Quad Cities. Most public broadcasting stations will provide a live video stream of the debate on their websites. Illinois Public Media will offer a video livestream of the debate at will.illinois.edu. H. Wayne Wilson, host/producer of WTVP’s At Issue, will moderate with questioning by a panel of four journalists: Jim Meadows, senior reporter and host of Focus from Illinois Public Media; Jak Tichenor, host of Illinois Lawmakers, from WSIU; Amanda Vinicky, statehouse bureau chief from WUIS; and Chacour Koop, a student from the public affairs reporting program at University of Illinois, Springfield. Koop is an intern for the Associated Press. The winner of the Republican primary will be invited to a fall general election debate sponsored by Illinois public broadcasters and the League of Women Voters of Illinois.