Evening Concert

The Tallis Scholars perform Allegri’s “Miserere” on tonight’s “Evening Concert”

Composer Gregorio Allegri

Allegri http://www.classicfm.com/composers/mozart/guides/mozart-allegri-miserere/

In the absence of corroborating evidence the 'story' appears to be true, about Mozart and Allegri's "Miserere", that as a 14-year old he heard the work once (on a visit to Rome and the Sistine Chapel) and went back to his lodgings and wrote it down perfectly from memory (THAT is a 100% audiographic memory!). Read more about that here: http://www.classicfm.com/composers/mozart/guides/mozart-allegri-miserere/    Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on WILL-FM 90.9 the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra welcomes special guest artists The Tallis Scholars led by Peter Phillips. They’ll perform Allegri’s “Miserere”, Bruckner’s Two Motets, and three motets by Victoria.  Also on the program, Bruckner’s 4th Symphony, the “Romantic”.

Wednesday February 4: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO #14-15_08)

Manfred Honeck, conductor; *The Tallis Scholars; Peter Phillips, director

*VICTORIA: Three Motets: Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes; Ave Maria; Versa est in luctum

*BRUCKNER: Two Motets: Locus iste; Ave Maria

ALLEGRI: Miserere Mei, Deus

BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4, “Romantic”