Evening Concert

Music for Piano Duos from the “Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts” on the “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 it’s a  “Deutsche Welle Festival Concert” from Bonn with music for multiple pianos including two of Schumann’s “Studies for Pedal Piano” as well as music by Bach, and Smetana. Also on the program a two-piano eight handed performance of Beethoven’s “5th Symphony”.

Thursday April 11: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts 2018-19 (DWF 18-15)  

Piano Duos
Performed by: Izabella Simon, piano (1-12) Dénes Várjon, piano (1-12)
Cristine Gerwig, piano (13-15) Efraín González Ruano, piano (13-15)
Yseult Jost, piano (13-15) Domingos Costa, piano (13-15)
(1) SCHUMANN: Two of the Six Studies in canonical form for the pedal piano, op. 56,
adapted for two pianos by Claude Debussy (05:56)
(2) BARTOK: Four of the Seven Pieces from Mikrokosmos, for two pianos (06:17)
(3) KURTAG: Flowers We Are, Mere Flowers, from Games I (00:37)
(4) BACH/ KURTAG: Chorale: Out of the depths I cry to you, BWV 687 (05:24)
(5) KURTAG: Prelude and Choral from Games IV (01:56)
(6) BACH/ KURTAG: Sonatina from God's Time is the Best of Times, BWV 106 (02:17)
(7) KURTAG: Waltz from Games II (01:18)
(8) KURTAG: Hommage to Kurtág Márta, from Games III (00:58)
(9) KURTAG: Angry Chorale from Games IV (00:41)
(10) BACH/ KURTAG: Chorale O Lamb of God, Innocent, BWV deest (04:08)
(11) KURTAG: Hommage to Farkas Ferenc (2) Scraps of a colinda melody – faintly recollected (02:33)
(12) BEETHOVEN: Große Fuge (Grand Fugue) in B-flat Major, op. 134, for piano-four-hands (17:03)
(13) SMETANA: Sonata in one movement in E Minor for eight hands at two pianos (10:33)
(14) REVUELTAS/GONZALES: Sensemayá, version for eight hands at two pianos (06:09)
(15) BEETHOVEN/BURCHARD: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, op. 67, transcribed for eight hands at two pianos (32:36)