Evening Concert

Tonight’s Holiday Specials: Candles Burning Brightly (to celebrate Hanukkah) and Hollywood Holiday


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 we pre-empt the Cleveland Orchestra to bring you two holiday specials: “Candles Burning Brightly”, an exploration of Chanukah foods, traditional activities and music, and “Hollywood Holiday”, a unique musical retrospective of some of Hollywood's most cherished Christmas-themed movies.

Thursday December 26: Cleveland Orchestra (COR) pre-empted for 2 Holiday Specials:

Candles Burning Brightly (Encore) (from APM)

Mindy Ratner, host

Traditional Yiddish (arr H Netsky) – Oy, Chanukah…New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble

Traditional Sephardic – Los Siete Hijos de Hanna…Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Solomon Golub (arr Z Mlotek) – Borukh Ate zingt der Tate…Essential Voices USA

Traditional Folk Melody – Lichvod HaChanukah…Ron Raines, baritone; Essential Voices USA Orchestra

Hugo Chaim Adler – Hannerot Hallalu…Carolina Chamber Chorale; Zhou Jin, piano

Folk Melody (arr Clurman, Hochman & Mitchell) – Haneirot Halalu…Essential Voices USA

Traditional Yiddish – Haneyros Halalu…Lissa Schneckenburger, violin; Hankus Netsky, piano

Chaim Parchi (arr J Jacobson) – Aleh Neiri…Chaim Parchi, soloist; Zamir Chorale of Boston

Leo Low (arr L Moore) – Likhtelekh…Coro Hebraeico

Traditional Hebrew – Mi Zeh Hidlik…Counterpoint

Flory Jagoda (arr H Netsky) – Ocho Candelikas…Rebecca Shrimpton, Marissa Steingold & the New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble

Traditional Sephardic – Azeremoz una merenda…Voice of the Turtle

Traditional – Maoz Tsur (English)…Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Traditional – Maoz Tsur (Hebrew)…Zamir Chorale of Boston

Traditional – Maoz Tsur (Instrumental)…Rachel Van Voorhees, harp

Traditional – My Little Dreydl…Rachel Van Voorhees, harp

Traditional Yiddish – Ich bin a kleyner dreydl…Chicago a Cappella

Traditional Hebrew (arr S Barnett) – S’vivon…New England Conservatory Chorus

Judith Shatin – Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin…New London Children’s Choir

Avrom Goldfaden (arr E Levine) – Drey Zikh, Dreydele…Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Abraham Ellstein and Moishe Oysher (arr Ellstein, Jacobson & Netsky) – Drey Dreydele…Cantor Morton Shames; New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble and Chorus


Hollywood Holiday (Encore, however new-to-WILL-FM) (from APM)
Lynne Warfel, host

Hague: You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch - Michael Chertok

Williams: Star of Bethlehem from Home Alone - Boston Pops, Tanglewood Chorus

Williams: Finale from Home Alone - Boston Pops, Tanglewood Chorus

Silvestri: Polar Express Suite - Tom Hanks

Adensel: A Christmas Carol - Royal Philharmonic, David Newman

Williams/Goodman: Scrooge from Muppet Christmas Carol

Bricusse: I Hate People - Albert Finney

Bricusse: You…You - Albert Finney

Bricusse: Finale - Albert Finney

Berlin: White Christmas - Bing Crosby

Tiomkin: Falls Prayers from It's a Wonderful Life

Tiomkin: It's a Wonderful Life Suite - Royal Philharmonic, David Newman

Reisman/Moore: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas - Boston Pops, Robin Williams

Bailey: Merry Christmas from It's a Wonderful Life