Evening Concert

The National Youth Orchestra of Germany plays Strauss’ “An Alpine Symphony” on the “Evening Concert”


] Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 it’s the third program in the new season of the Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts.  The National Youth Orchestra of Germany is featured playing Strauss’ “An Alpine Symphony” and Varese’s “Ameriques”.  Also on the program Khalil’s “Once Upon a Dervish”.

Thursday January 16: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts (DWF 2019-03) (New Season)

National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Ingo Metzmacher, conductor

Varèse: Amériques for orchestra

[ DWF fill: National Youth Orchestra of Germany/Frank Strobel, conductor

Tobias Feldmann, violin; Sarina Zickgraf, viola ; Sophie Notte, cello ; Jarrod Cagwin, frame drum ;

Rabih Abu Khalil: Once upon a Dervish]

[DWF fill: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra/Ingo Metzmacher, conductor

Hartmann: Symphony Number Four for Strings, first movement]

Strauss: An Alpine Symphony, op. 64

Lachenmann: Marche fatal