Evening Concert

Vladimir Fedossiev leads the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow on the “Evening Concert”


Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 it’s a Deutsche Welle Festival Concert from Bonn. You’ll hear Tchaikovsky’s “’Manfred’ Symphony” as performed by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow led by conductor Vladimir Fedossiev.  Also on the program, music by Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, and Sviridov.

Thursday May 14: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts (DWF 2019-20)


Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow (1,2,7,8,9) Conductor: Vladimir I. Fedossiev (1,2,7,8,9)  

Soloists: Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, violin (2,3) Tomoki Kitamura, piano (5,6))
(1) MUSSORGSKY: Night on Bald Mountain, arranged by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov (13:30)
(2) PROKOFIEV: Violin concerto No. 2 in G Minor, op. 63 (28:30)
(3) BACH: Violin Partita No. 3, BWV 1006, 3rd movement (02:51)
(4) LALO: Guitar. Character piece in B Minor for violin and piano, op. 28 (03:21)
(5) LACHENMANN: Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) (03:58)
(6) DEBUSSY: Claire de lune (05:38)
(7) TCHAIKOVSKY: Manfred Symphony in B Minor nach Lord Byron, op. 58 (42:04)
(8) SVIRIDOV: Snow Storm (excerpt) (02:21)
(9) TCHAIKOVSKY: Spanish Dance from Swan Lake (02:20)