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Atomic Age Cocktail Party
Saturdays at 11 PM and Sundays at 10 PM

Blue Plate Special (1026)

It's an hour of songs about food! We’ll share some BBQ with Jonah Jones, The Andrews Sisters talk about their favorite dish, Peggy Lee gives us some sugar, plus a whole lot more.


Evening Concert
7 to 9 pm Monday thru Thursday, and Sunday

Beethoven’s “7th Symphony”

Thursday night June 30 at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 it’s the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. You’ll hear Beethoven’s “7th Symphony” and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson’s “Sinfonietta No. 2”. Also on the program music of Purcell, Kidane and Salmenhaara.  

Prairie Performances
Fridays at 7 pm

The Fantastic Flute with Julia Escobar

Our first John Frayne Classical Music Graduate Student Work Experience fellow, Julia Escobar, guest hosts this very special Prairie Performances, curated by her and featuring the fantastic flute.

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Classics of the Phonograph
Saturdays at 11 am

John Barbirolli

Find out how this budding maestro would have the impossible task of filling Arturo Toscanini’s shoes at just 36 years old.

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WFTM Radio Network

Afternoon at the Opera
Saturdays at noon

Opera Gala 2021

For this year's Opera Gala on Sept. 18, we enjoy a truly phenomenal piece of operatic history brought to life by Opera Southwest’s Artistic Director Anthony Barrese and then brought straight to you, thanks to Afternoon at the Opera.

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Classic Mornings
9am - noon weekdays

Lessons in Harmoney

Do you wonder what I’m doing during those minutes just before showtime?

Illinois Arts Council Agency

These programs are partially sponsored by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.