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2013 the year the tornadoes ravage the Midwest including the champagne
pink anytime of the year that movie critic Roger Ebert die leaving behind
behind body of work Pulitzer Prize in the affection of many
putting those in Champaign Urbana ru up near the Illinois law makers passed bill


bills same sex marriage Medical Marijuana Cary NC
concealed weapons and state pension reform pending expected court shot
MJ Meadows today on focus talk about some of the Neuse highlights
types of 2013 with reporters Ryan Mackey Shawn powers in Jefferson

program continues after the news
welcome to focus mg Meadows today is the next to last day of 2013


2013 and the most important news events of the year could happen tomorrow
all I know but on this 364th day of the year
the top news stories of happened in Illinois in the region this year so far
this is not top 10 list don’t claim to be mentioning every big event during this program
program in fact if you have your own ideas about the big news stories in Illinois
Illinois Ann Arbor regent for 2013 send a mentor toll free number and focus is 18
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oh joy need to review the events of 2013 is Brian
Maxie from the State House Bureau of Illinois public radio welcome to focus
focus Bryan how you doing today okay and you should I use should be all warmed up
this because I just a few days ago you were on state Week in Review talking about some of the time
yeah that’s right now and later on Illinois public media staff possible join


join us to talk about a couple of years events right now what say hello to Illinois
Illinois public media is Shawn powers hello Sean good morning gin and Ashanti
set alarm time in the last month or so covering the after affects of the November 17th
tornado outbreak now thats outbreaks in tornadoes out over Illinois
six states plus straight line straight line winds in for additional States
states that 7 people were killed cross Midwest at day in Illinois towns like wash
Washington County brookport in Madison County in southern Illinois they were the heart is


the hardest hit another town suffering major damage was Gifford that’s a town
just under 1000 people in Northeast Champaign County tornado there destroyed more than
20 Homes and damage $200 on November 17th Shonda
Shonda tornado hit on a stand shortly before 1 p.m. That day when did you get
you get word of it I will I heard about it I got try try to get there as soon as
what is a member right within the hour Gifford was lucky massage
the sense that there were no deaths um but just being there


the storm hit that monster es3 it really did the number on the town
complete devastation homes for topel trades on rooted how to breed is everywhere and New York
prepare yourself something like that now you just you tried to make
who makes sense if you try to blend in you try to observe you um you talk to people
how to people you get their initial reaction what’s interesting about a disaster
like that is the People many people not on a lease what I saw the first response work
wasn’t just to know she a way to help to help your neighbors 2


is to pick up the pieces and that’s really what Gifford has been doing all long since
storm 1000 I got the right I just Ayala
all I did was just kept talking to people deal trying to get as many stories is many voices and
and I remember walking paths St Paul’s Lutheran Church
which was not damaged in storm and I saw a mother I just seeing eye
deferred about 2 months before the storm and Campbell
I die with the 2007 Raptor home at 6 kids at home at the time


fortunately they walked out um pretty much
skate 3 cheat sheet Judith had a few scratches on her back um shoes obviously
the very upset when I met up with her but there was this all the results
something really fat in home make much worse and it wasn’t it wasn’t worth a lot
what are the three children injured I’m at with her daughter autumn
the church during a few boxes of clothing salvage from their home
Judith sobbing and told me to 2002 Tacoma


everything away the tornado came through a hospital Louisville Kentucky
completely 130 House literally went through the house we could see it
gotta gotta grab blanket in Spanish
where are you in the office
what happens in the hallway with my brothers and sisters first time cover
IMI to see your standing on here in the cold outside the church United Hospital
what do you have left what’s in front of you about 4 to close


get out boxes clothes water
get out of there nothing else phone in
US went down to the basement there’s no basement you know bass in an electronic
places to go for tornado with taking it worth it to get the trap mean
the house next door to go there but it wasn’t so fast
get them out I just got away and the next thing I got them on
treat her screaming I read back to the neighbors and


she had gas for house and she was trapped Knotts where they want to tell
do you your in your talking to me for having conversation you’re not
critically injured you’re not dead is that was going to your mind right now
hum where do I go from here
is replaceable
does the saying once you know everybody say for you start with
the question


the community Alaskan um I feel to go back to Gifford about
how to 12 week at least superstorm and my my memories of Gifford Rd
are post tornado are you going to be home today devastated stroid
there is a mean dick like graveyards on taking out there’s a lot of clay
clean a lot better than before but distal long way to go
and end the phone number for dial sono this new that stole really coming together
example of what can you like that can do in terms of helping


people get past it is it raining at 1 week after the storm
the gifer greatschool which wasn’t seriously damaged classes were back in session the day after
after an amazing I walked into the gymnasium the morning ride
SchoolSpring talking students about happened about your family jobs
the Junkman’s with a portable water stations and bottled water with water glass
classroom and means that the kids were there chatterboxes is a
nothing happened want to talk about playing a video game in the classroom later on


Iron and I was driving a teacher there and she was trying to percent of something
normal normal to be there and I’m just a truck
the children know what do you know it
basically asked the M the children were there before and wants you to survive a tornado in others
how to treat a not hit at night when he was in bad another sad eyes you thankful album
all the family and friends survived and I think of degrees in a triangle to turn off comments
school that weight will not broken just because they had to much support in the community in a rebel to help out


how about in Wayne well now hey now there’s gonna be a lot of rebuilding an engine
indifferent how is set up a seated in the Indian in the past few weeks
understanding state and federal aid coming in but how have the people in Gifford Oregon
organize themselves to get this week Building done rite Warwick me remember back in a
2012 NHL hit the southern Illinois town of Harrisburg
distance there were concerned the Cimarron that we would see the same sort of
refusal b*** 1509 County to clean champagne we’re proof or federal disaster assistance


assistance in female the Federal Emergency Management Agency along with other agencies insurance provider
providers have been working families in Queens and getting the money assistance
the local level Gifford State Bank has set up a fund
what contributions from all the countries committee of people in Guilford High School
officials nursing of nursing official the people in the village
every Monday meeting to look over applications on from residence we need assistance
and deciding how much to give and what to give and nerdy


nothing more no more need separately
how do you know where we’re just seen again so much in a Rossi the community
community to really help people get back on their feet donating items what are the people that you brother
brought up with Christine again who’s been a part of the eye do in the or
organizing relief efforts out of I get St Paul’s Lutheran churches become a soda
headquarters world for a lot of work being done in Gifford right now hell yeah hell yeah she’s been
been notable person in in in indis


recovery many people are but she’s been doing a lot of work I organize a large food pan
Food Pantry on the nations and for the next step in the process that recovery Israel
Israel was formed to mini to match the needs of people affected by the storm with available resources of abide
visions Cross Habitat for Humanity last week I went over to get for Dodge
the meeting at the church to get people more information about resources
we don’t know what does resources are going to look like yet but I know that after seeing my god
God is done for the last 6 weeks and Gifford I can only imagine what your plans for the next 6 months


this is a process that we are just beginning but I wanted you to know
that we are actively working to get some things done around here
getting things done is not necessarily going to be something that we can physically see there still
there’s still a lot of activity that we’re going to be able to do over the next several months and yet drink
during that meeting of there a lot of really good questions you had of folks platanito Nelson
basically in a 2000 what do level need was me I have insurance and
and he zombie basically telling on January 10th to fill up at 4


what format to a different state bank and that’s another example of something happening
local level 2 really helped out and I didn’t want to know did you go to the church say a lot of items
supplies toiletries toys of food that sitting there more
more than a month later I understand so much I donated that mean
Diamond turfs no shortage of credible butter soft core still a lot of work to be
to be done of final question Sean what’s a head for Gifford and how are people preparing
period for all that rebuild it still lies ahead what if you go to know you’re going to see a lot of


lot of debris and I would say that we’re not going to see of real
the unhappy lifting the ReBuilding to the spring when I against the war
warm outside right now Vocus is the distance from insurance companies
Bistro government local level focus is to remind people that there
deferred is the home invasion and leave many people are living in Rantoul and
land Brickell football get for a family last week and then no intention of
leaving deferred the dead body


what year were going to be back here this will be our home and we’re not moving in Activia husband
husband of the couple who lived in Ogden and not the witness 3 different majors
is there and he came joke that you know if you want to live anywhere live near me
near me because im I would make it through these things and Charmander Cena
now um I get the phone to find final exam pull off whatsapp
what’s a head unit is working does the University of Illinois to possibly of victims
victims of the Midwest a quick eco friendly Inn


affordable way to rebuild our homes in 2009 architecture and engineering students from the Bible
investigation to how to rapidly build energy efficient housing
housing afternoon vaster enough that was connected to the 2011 Solar Decathlon
listen to the US Department of Energy and what they learn from an applied to
Two Hearted community new Mendon Gifford Washington and sew in how to
Primanti of Champaign County also I’m looking at way they can help rebuilding so this is really just
really just kinda next chapter on for this community Manor communities that are really stupid


picking up the pieces and 90 the Solar Decathlon involves the building off of demonstration
Asian house is small ones which are super energy efficient Bianca resting but the house
how to play that to a India rebuilding a fridge in Gifford
also from our perspective is mentioned earlier I been trying to go out there once a week
the story doesn’t and 6 months from now doesn’t end the year from now this is something that we know remix
continue paying close attention to because of you know even when it physically looks
looks fine there are people who are blue now who are still in shock someone is there


it feels to happen to your going to happen we could go on it it just depends and
and I mean how do you try to put together does pieces of emotional pieces it
it’s going to be really long time and we’re going to try to be there for that multiply that by
bio of the damage the tornado outbreak did in in new Mendon Washington and brook
brookport throughout the Midwest Shawn powers thank you very much for for joining
InFocus today to talk about on just talked about that tornado outbreak on November 7
17th and what happened Gifford link you and this is focus aren’t urine


review program where were looking back in some of the top stories of 2013
teen and if you have some ideas of what you think of the big story of the year are
the Wright Amendment email a Sat will dash talking Illinois .edu
you welcome your input also on Facebook and Twitter where you can find a side focus
focus 580 standing by patiently Brian Mackey at the State House bureau
Illinois public radio and Brian I wanted to ask you about some of the legislature
Slaterville of the measures I got passed this year and I’m thinking


I know a lot of people upset things about Congress in Washington
beans beans relatively unproductive this year
but looks like in Springfield the General Assembly got a lot of stuff done
yeah thats right im in the people talk about Congress being on for doctor because of party polarization
polarization that you don’t have that in Springfield do you have party dominates and one way
Democrats control of the House and Senate they have super majority there and on
are there alot of contentious issues in Illinois that don’t fit neatly into those partisan


listen lines people of the sort of bitterness in polarization is c**
come to mark Washington politics is not necessarily spread down to Springfield
what’s going to head and take a look at that sum of the measures and first of pension reform after you
after years of wrangling I love me Chris Pasadena Quinn signed a pension reform bill
bill early this month covers state employees in public school teachers outside Chicago
Chicago but its future is uncertain with a group of teachers in school
ministry does already filing a lawsuit against it just this past Friday


Brian’s report on the bill is passed earlier this month show pictures
picture your favorite teacher ready to retire after 30 years of service for national pension start
$67,000 right now after 20 years retirement
that would ruin more than a hundred twenty thousand dollars to the new system only reach 90
91000 the difference of more than $280,000
dollars is only one way to describe that kind of blatant taking off one’s life savings
we call it the aft in Montgomery is president of the only Federation of Teachers


section V Illinois Constitution that seemingly bands this sort of thing its membership
shipping a government pension system is a contractual relationship the benefits of witch show me
diminished for impaired and Brian Mackey I assume the den Montgomery Zara
is argument is exactly what was brought up in that lawsuit that was fun last Friday
that’s right at me know the basic the basic premise here’s that because the Illinois Constitution protect
protect pagent you can’t really do anything that reduces them and that’s that’s a this week
this was a group of non union retired teachers there certainly going to be


I’m bigger fish coming into this some of the big powerful unions that represent state employee
employees that represent 10 tens of thousands of workers and state government are going to be fine
filing lawsuit in challenging this pension legislation on that very bad very Point
I was wondering if has the adjusters is considered this case
if ill look at what’s been going on in Detroit where of Courts
city declared bankruptcy and I believe I judge in and one of the quest
questions coming before they make a month before the bench


least in that case that um pensions another contract
amtrax just because other held by a city or not specially
sacrosanct any more than any other contract law that comes up when
when a government just doesn’t have any money you know I know that it’s been a popular
popular analogy to make a comparison rate people sale in Oy is the new Detroit because we’re going down
the tubes but I don’t necessarily in elegance won Detroit was in bankruptcy
grapeseed was a federal bankruptcy judge who look at this instead this


the bankruptcy of the city under federal bankruptcy what is your trucks this provision
vision of the Michigan Constitution I think in Illinois is the government is meeting it
its build a Lego how to build a British you but I mean that the state does
does have enough money to pay people inspections and has enough money to send a schools and everything
everything like that for a long time the issue here is that having to pay less
is having to spend less on other things like um prisons and education
occasion in and state police in Andrew Improvement 7 to spend less on that in order to find them


that money into pageants but I have a pretty hard time saying that the state is so
so broke that it’s going to become insolvent mean there have been other proposals out there
are there to remember ties the pageant at right now we’re on this track to have it
90 percent funded by 2045 the new life changes that for fun
funding eventually but never been arguments that you could just change the math and say what words can excess
set out another 20 years a little bit less as we go on in the crate yours and
and you know that we will still get to that target just going to be farther in the future I’m not sure that


sure that the two situations are necessarily analogous to get on the other hand
the Illinois Supreme Court has looked at various provisions in the Illinois Constitution that a lot of people
are people who study sings f*** the understudy I want prominent example is a
is other another closet the Constitution that says the state of Illinois have the primary responsibility for fun
funding public education and people thought that mental state had to pay the majority of the
off the money to go to public schools in the Supreme Court ruled that was simply aspirational
a*** so um I’m not sure that this is necessarily analogous to Detroit case but on the other


hand is really no telling what the courts going to do well in in the meanwhile this off
sub pension reform Sun supposed to take effect I believe in June but how
how long will the score to last before we know how much if any of the pension
engine reform law is allowable of the Illinois Constitution I
again that’s that’s a difficult question to answer but I think we can certainly say it’s going to be
to be longer than than the did the Jews certainly when this is slated to take effect
Effect of the one of the real questions is the state does inputs budget together for next


next year um that starts on July 1st and will
will they count these changes in the counting on saving a lot of money from this plan to be able to spend
other things in the question is will they be able to do that or will they will they start a credit
credit for these changes even though you don’t need their not necessarily approved by the court yet
and you know the final Santa comes to mind is the code clears the end
the entire pension bill just just seeing if they were to do that in all the Sun all the all the
proposed savings go into effect will it work that is doing


do we know if these reforms which substantially improve the health of the state pension
pension system in the Illinois government financial picture overall is seroquel General
general agreement that it would it would not our what up to a point there’s agreement
among the sword of the power structure in the state people rent power now the governor the House speaker
speaker of the Senate President mean anything a lot of a liberal Democrat
should save a lot of Republicans who are in power now who do believe that this would make a
difficult difference down the line are there are some people outside of power like a


makeup brush router who’s a billionaire billionaire businessman in the hood
who is running for governor who contend that this is not doing enough on but I think that
take that you know that that’s more I would say more than outside review if if these are the things you gif
if this is something to prove by the courts I think it would um you know definitely
save the state money down the line but there are other Budget shoes coming up name lyrics
the expiration of the tax increase the rolling back of the tax increase right now to the personal income
tax rate for people in Illinois is 5 percent in that schedule to roll back at the end


at the end of the calendar year 2014 that’s going to be another multi billion dollar hole
hole in the budget going to have to make massive cuts or extend the car tax
increase or find something else to plug a hole and that’s going to be a big question that the lawmakers
makers in the governor will have to deal with this Kira head as a work on the
2015 budget and the 2014 elections don’t forget
that is its all going to be tied together and I would I would I get to Best Buy going to be the biggest
biggest issue coming out this will get to the elections part later in the show let me go to another piece of legislation


which I was reminded of as I came to work this morning he rata Campbell Hall on the U
University of Illinois campus where are on the door on the Clark Street
entrance was a sticker with a um with a bar sinister over
over a smoke over a gun um no guns in Campbell Hall and that’s
that’s in the recognition of the concealed carry law was passed out
inside in the summer you know those debate on public radio can get pretty heated
heated socks probably a good idea that you guys are not going to be allowing firearms into the studios there


fun cheer yeah exactly we saw that on the
the capital is well they put up the signs that the bar sinister freeze the other the red circle with a line through it
threw it up over little handgun is our state regulated signs a concealed carry is
is becoming Lawn Illinois there’s actually I would your typing this the money
Monday morning going to be a news conference later today weather going to talk about the Progressive Era
that people will be getting the being able to apply online starting
starting next year and then eventually later in the early start accepting paper applications are some controversy


mercy over that as a side dish you but yet concealed carry is coming to Illinois
this Allah is should be popular in much of Illinois les sew in
in Chicago in Sauk County WI support for gun control has been higher anime
understand Abra Abra and local law enforcement has some leeway
in deciding who gets to carry how to get to get a concealed carry permit what does applications come out differently in the Chicago area
downstate we already heard Cook County Sheriff in Cook County forces Home Chicago


Chicago in and many other urban areas there Withers weather densely packed people
people um we already heard the sheriff of their time dirty bit he intends to take a ferry
very close look scrutinize a lot of these applications think the idea behind
behind doing this year reminder to greatness American Life episode about a guy
the bully if a loan I think was the name of the town sex enjoy Western Illinois
Angelo no cramps TWLOHA maybe that’s it maybe it’s a diamond trainer charge my memory back
back there but does it was the guy who is sort of well known around the town maybe


baby never never really done enough to go to jail but he’s just a terrible bully and I think it’s the idea
the idea that law enforcement want to be able to say maybe we don’t have a
a perfect case against this guy we can send to prison for something but this is not the type of
type of person we want walking around with fire on the backers of this life are young
want that to be a very small minority ovarian exception
perception is is that you know you have a right under the Second Amendment of the US Constitution carrier
carry a firearm to protect yourself in public and if you were going to deprive


price of that right there has to be a hybird but like you said people in Chicago
Cook County certainly the governor is not a fan of this legislation they want they want to
I want to restrict that right as much as I can and we should know this law is now in place because it
does essentially a federal judge ordered the state of Illinois to come up with a long saying that I couldn’t have
have nothing he could have maybe a concealed carry law restrictive in other states
states and maybe this is war restrictive and some other states but they have to have something
it is more restrictive and some other states but its not is restrictive I think it might have been


I had a past this love before that court decision you buy the Court St Illinois
I have to do this but give leverage to the gun rights supporters
supporters in Illinois the National Rifle Association groups like that because I could say you
you are not going to have a New Yorker Maryland style system where you have to prove that you’re under threat
Raton NM very restrictive very hard to get a firearm yes they say Illinois elastic
what are some states were very difficult to be able to do this but on the other hand Illinois
Illinois not going to be like I just ate out west and south where


barely need to do anything if a presumptive right to carry firearms there is a
star training requirements you have to take a class you have to be certified you have to go to background check
shifter supply fingerprints are you have to carry license there restrictions on where you can take your firearms
arms like you said I need you the University of Illinois College campuses are what are 1
are one of those places Schools businesses in post at same sign on their door manual
not be able to take your firearm with a business owner chooses to do that so its its not
not a pitbull somewhere in the middle in terms of the most strict the least strict well let’s go


what’s going on over to another piece of legislation which came out of a generalist
General Assembly this year and that was a bill permitting a same sex marriage
marriages in the state of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed in November
the same month 1 final approval of the General Assembly in the Illinois House debate both
both supporters and opponents of the bill text on individual rights
we are family that is treated differently under the eyes of the law
we are family that does not have the same protections that your family house


iPad 3 judges in my district 11 say David there is not a facility
in your district is going to perform a ceremony going to call me
where’s my religious individual freedoms that’s open the gage Chicago area Democrat
Democrats Samyang Ling and on the Republican David Rice taking different sides of the same
same sex marriage debate in the house to Bay to the other house debate and voting
call came several months after a same sex marriage passed in the Senate
Senate House Speaker Michael Madigan um so many sticky


how to keep a delayed when trying to find a support for the measure where was the opposition Bryan
in particular I know that very few Republicans voted for it but how
how did but but what kept the Democratic majority in the House
waiting for several months before they voted before they brought the bill to a vote on approval
LSU said this was the Republicans were or almost unlock Stephanopoulos
opposition of this I think 3 or 4 in the end of the entire a generalist
assembly of a Republican voting in favor this the Democratic side your head up


opposition from two places you had a Down state Democrats and you have
you had African Americans in us in the Chicago area mostly
um and who had a lot of Ministers in very religious people in their districts in a p****
pushing back against this move to legalize same-sex marriage and I think that the reason
this is why the f*** did the Democrats have a supermajority Xin Illinois it can be a little misleading
misleading people think they can just do whatever they want a steamroller what is specially on the social issues
use the reason the Democrats have such large majority zendaya


permit ideological diversity within their party at that big tent that your finger that cliche
cliche about no they want if your if your a post abortion oppose the same sex marriage your favor
favorite gun rights but you still want to be a Democrat you vote for House Speaker Mike Madigan Senate President
John Cullerton wanted Winnetka comes up once every two years welcome to the party we want you
what you in the Democratic Party it’s because they permitted kind of ideological diversity a candy Moore
the more difficult to push these things through that you might think will Illinois a blue state
State Fair for it would be one of the first to do this so you had a is African American ministers


sisters making a big push against this the Catholic Church make her strong Porsche
in Illinois against same sex marriage right here in springfield,or Bishop has been very outspoken
spoken about this issue and that is why it took so long I don’t know that I would you mentioned
Mission Hospital Mike Madigan allow you to come for about I don’t know that I would put this all on speaker
did actually work very hard to pass legislation to get people
get people to vote for it was really I mean I think my account
the sponsors in a representative Greg Harris a Democrat from Chicago


go another openly gay legislature who I has been working this issue very
very hard and he came under a lot of Fire this year in May there was a
palpable vocal disappointment in the capital when he stood up on the very last night
last night a session to say that he was not going to call the bill people or were North cat calling
how tall is the right turn but that mean they were groaning in the galleries of the house about
the disappointment but he knew he knows the politics is a very hard worker
worker and he slowly methodically a work to the Bill Brown devote


boats and was able to finally get passed in November Brian are we going to see
the scene court cases in the year I had a pony
bill have argued the religious groups in people with religious beliefs a game against saints
same sex marriage will have the rights for tale by this law are we going to see League
the legal cases on those issues as is law goes into effect
certainly possible I think it’s interesting question I want to the examples I heard from
from my representative rice earlier there I believe it was Hutto talked about you know Florida


florastor a if you make wedding cakes or something like that and a gay couple c*** and want you to
want you to do what is in his cake or something like that I want you to bring flowers to their wedding
I’m not sure that it would be illegal to discriminate against the weather in
weather in there was same sex marriage right we have an anti discrimination law in Illinois certainly matters
matters of employment on in so yeah I suppose that you will have people who
because of the night short people to have people held religious beliefs
the Bible and certainly if your a Catholic for example did very clear where do you know where the


where the church hierarchy stance on issues you they are opposed the same sex marriage and other people
people have that people believe in perhaps if you do on a flower shop or something like that you’re asstr
participate Eryn able this um you do feel that is there something more lyrics
morally wrong about that you don’t want to be forced to do it but I know that the there have been
been other sorts of a discrimination of people try to do in the past maybe because of a ratio
racially mixed really just makes marriages and I think that the overtime those
does does it seem to be less acceptable forms of discrimination other head


sometimes I had to go to the courts to get there and it in my remains to be seen weather that will happen
what happened with same sex marriage is well what Brian I want to come back to you a little later on in the program
program right now we’re going to take a short break and when we come back we’ll talk with Illinois public
Republic medius Jeff Balser about the passing of film critique an abandoned native Roger Ebert
another time stories of 2013 im Jim Meadows this is focused on WI
the wild and we’re back on focus on Jim meadows
looking at some of the things that happened in Illinois in the region in 2013


teen with Ryan Mackey of Illinois public radio Sean powers and Jeff Foster of Illinois
Illinois public media if you have some ideas of what you think was the biggest state are
local story of the year I give us a an email it will dash
talk at and we’re on Facebook and Twitter at
at focus 580 Jeff Balser of Illinois public media
is with me up right now and we’re talking at this point about one of the big
the big news stories around the state uncertainly here in Champaign Urbana the passing of


of Roger Ebert he was perhaps the nations best known movie critic
especially known in Illinois was the long time credit for the Chicago Sun Times
any always come touch with his hometown of Urbana and Champaign ya grew up here
here and he went to school at the University of Illinois and he campus connect
is connection in later years by hosting an annual Film Festival in Champaign bearing his name
name Roger Ebert’s death last April at the age 70 came just week
week before the 15th edition of the Roger Ebert Film Festival was the beginning


Hotel Rogers wife Chancey birthday to do stuff Festival I am so high
so happy to be with you this evening I was hoping
that was called Roger my boyfriend I was hoping that my boyfriend
friend would be here with me and he’s not so I work a scarf tonight
find just want to say thank you in 15 years
this film festival eben so meaningful to me down to Roger
you gave Roger so much joy coming here you after year


festival Arizona mother in his hometown
is made him so happy and he wanted to make sure the festival
continues and so we’ll see what we can do about that but tonight
this week for the next 5 days we’re going to celebrate Roger

and just by Serta beloved and film credits are not words
words that often go together but they seem to do sew in the case of Roger Ebert especially in Champaign


Champaign Urbana where he grew up what about Roger Ebert Madame special in this way
will think about Roger is he never forget where you came from you can
can you go back to archives if you church Ebert on the WL website
there it wasn’t just the stories about Ebert fast or
what is hosting a festival I’m eating made mineral spirits is on W Iowa radio and TV
hi and I host of the show ob gyn at same time April 18th
teen fingering the fast weird people schedule to join us we have people volunteer leak Alden


Alden about Roger returning a community not just free breakfast for class reunions
like I think we had classmates Colin from Urbana High School in the host
shoemaker who did the show at keeping the faith to faith was a classmate
Rogers in Urbana High School you made a point of coming back to the community Magistra Film Festival
status with people for a long long time how did the Ebert Film Festival developer
and you know I haven’t been the recently I went there last like maybe 7 or 8 years ago in
you know of Virginia theaters Big theater its always packed for this event the People


really up for for being there what is Madison been so popular well
started with a string of 2001 a Space Odyssey 1 Rogers Ulta
all time favorite films was part of the fiber fest in the late 1990s inside that was discussed during a
a program that does Steve to make a good with the birds sometime ago there was a sold out crowd
what cloud of bats training in the region yah and that prompted the the College of mitochondria
how to communications now College Media hostess Film Festival and even edition
the clients and you did was in the habit of asking studios for favors being accredited any real eyes


realize when we make the somethings overlooks movie the didn’t get a fair shake
weather looks looks at overlook to make exactly and odd and you know I think so
soy professional popular because of some of the film The showing he’s not only brought in little
little known films that also a big 70 millimeter print off something like 2001
Lawrence of Arabia Milanos lines but it’s also I think it becomes a communal experience
Korean swear people from not from the area will make a point of meeting every spring for this Film Festival
festival and then you have all these direct actors in directors other people of c**


cumin 3 part of the panel discussions after the films people like Australian filmmaker Paul Cox
come here for years of one of the favorite of a bird is a gas to the five people really look forward to hear
hearing from those Gaston just meeting up in Washington feel good movies over for a few days
who dies in the plan is to have that Festival continuum Roger Ebert is no longer there to choose films for
homes for rent A Center have a backlog of all of selection said he has made
hope to draw on and then I guess I’ll find a way to 1222 did you figure out what
what films the show on the road sir I’m in and I mention I think one thing


that would be a part of that is Justin Bieber have so many books out showing some of his great films
can you get easily open the festival with a great print off of someone off his face
favorite films from the US Fillmore Amenia many foreign films that he loved
loved something on goes lines on back of a long long time to get there
how to get through as well the deck house media Dean translator told me after you Bert passing it was never questions
question of ending Ebert Fastenal course this is helping Virginia survive for a long time is well
is well in and some of the rehabbing that that wonderful and Roger Ebert continue to be at


beatiful with the Film Festival even even after a long battle with cancer
cancer of the ability to speak but still a presence at the festival in active
activities organization of the year he was he went to the feelings that he could
hood and the coping with his illness what people said he became even a better writer
was so active in Twitter and Facebook and it just a prolific writer
writer and this is a guy who just did not stop and think because he was
who was the boss does Boise also waiting on other issues like politics in the news


Susan and he was just a model in terms of social media for other credits to follow
and also one final of the quest from from the from the Ebert
Ebert I guess done before Roger Ebert passed away was up money for a new Film Studies
program at the U of I got this morning clude degrees
what they were horses of Sable start in a matter of time I think this semester summer
some of that is taking shape a lot of his archival writings can be looked up there will be seminars
where’s all based on on the writings of Roger Ebert and his ex


whats turn to another another of a story that a Jeffrey
reporting on I did to come to think of it and that’s in the in the world Sports maybe
maybe not the only big sports story in the state of this year after all the Chicago Blackhawks
did win the Stanley Cup blood out one of the highlights in sports in this area this year
your husband wheelchair athletics at the University of Illinois which is a school that a pint
pioneer in wheelchair athletics a disability sports um this
this year there wheelchair track athletes head for men to success with good showings


at the Paralympics and I major marathon events around the world in fact
U of I asked me to Tiana McFadden is a special stand up for her performance
Amazon sis year is she is talking about what she does
I love being an athlete that love will tear a thing as a noun
is it just me and my body to the limits answers
answer to no one has been able to do before
will Jeff out the fan was released


start this year in women’s wheelchair racing can you summarize hurt her marathon victory
yes there in New York City that was the most recent won the New York Boston London in Chicago
Chicago the grand slam off the ground on Grand Slam eyes off of
of a wheel in wheelchair racing on the one elses me that she and that was the Boston Marathon course with
horse with outside when was the bombing secured McFadden
phatmass not present at the site and the moment with the bombing of course I was a big Sean
Big Shot it was a shock with your whole some of the other athletes at that time


putting on Wilshire Eminem talking with McFadden what do you find your personality
brother this level of success Billy seems to be really committed
do ya ni ni think that does she’s always a positive
looking at it she is you set up there some sort of injuries for friends are from continuum
do with her career in Atlantic City image she’s a recent graduate you might be looking at it
future career development you might be coming back for grad school
in the semester but not she might be taking a position in a hospital provide an emotional support for families


children of the ghetto in Jesus 14 we have no storage firmer season
look at a different units did you see me as an elite athlete who runs track in Marathi
marathon and she loves Sharon the story so I’ll be your future immediately
mediately is the time in weather show me part of the the the Winter Olympics in Seoul
socio you find out the January made it to the cross country
country skiing this is a new sport for this is a new sport and she’s a little concerned about the Apple to altitude
the tune of course she’s been marathons and not be extremely cold weather but she’ll be part of


part of a different climate and I make the team should be going through Italy and Germany
training camps very soon so I have a pretty intense schedule weather in and she got a
got through all the last semester with finals and a training for the Olympics in Atlanta
the hills of Marathon Grand Slam and just wrapping up we should know this is just one
111 of the athletes in the U of I wheelchair sports
sports program and I notice just looking at the marathon results
off the races at text to make fat in one how many other U of I am


athletes have strong showing the mens and womens wheelchair division
just a lot of names of captains showing up more than once yes they’re there are you a Vita release
really terrific showing in and really bad thing put the the University on a map in terms of x
training of a wheel translate a me with the other names that come up on you if you do a Google search
likely to be a man in McCrory she she’s a 2012 graduate and a play
played wheelchair basketball shoes at at Champion in New York City Marathon 2011
1100 Josh Georgia tag 2012 2007 graduates


Hanuman several months too many to mention here 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
2004 Summer Paralympics animal eating you in his head coach of the wheelchair Track Pro
program that he’s been there in 8 years after a accident
meeting in several vances well I talk to some of the other athletes on the program
that’s right it’s only been a strong program we found some of these other people are on the earth
the herbal teas programming and also also on of focus is well I remember talking to
Joshua Georgia right now let’s go ahead 2011


more story for this year and I’m going to bring back a Brian Mackey over the Statehouse Bureau
Bureau because this is a story which will be running in the 2014 and that’s the
that’s the election maybe in particular the gubernatorial race is up Brian
one thing that to me as we go into the last us 67 minutes we have here
happier is that um everybody was expecting at one point
the Governor Quinn of would be facing a challenge from another Democrat
attorney general Lisa Madigan and then she dropped out and the


what happened yeah she’s been dropping hits herself about Tupac
possibly challenging Governor Quinn in this is not the first time the Chiefs were play does Hamlet routine
will I want to be or not to be Shia dead this happened last election cycle is Welbeck
back in 2010 um what happened is that a weird Republic
expat with her father came out she said she was in her father’s house speaker
beaker Michael Madigan often referred to as powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan who sell bed position
physician on off button on Harley on for for more than 30 years now


did the TV s*** said it was always going to be there
forgot my father was going to be stepping down and she swore to express this is
this is the kind of surprises her father decided not to step down sushi can run for God
forgot her father in a this is where to get on usual because he usually placed
replacing very close to the best he said she knew what my plans were in that space
that’s basically all the presents had a feast on a diesel scraps Dave given out in NC
the cup statements that didn’t really surprised people because this is a powerful political family


family that got that way by play things very close in keeping very quiet man
methodical about their control of Illinois government and they
they Big Sur spirits building to the public but was the end result of this does
is it leaves a virtually ClearPath for Governor Pat Quinn to run for the
domination Wilson had a little flirtation there for my bill daily the brother of
of the former Chicago Mayor Bill Daley Tulsa Commerce Secretary of the Clinton administration
stration and he was the cheapest after President Barack Obama for a time and he was


how to clear that he was going to run for governor in Illinois ultimately decided that he
the T just didn’t have that burning desire to do the sort of horrible
Mobile work of campaigning in beating people in shaking hands and kissing babies and going to
Rotary Club something like that day after day after day and then actually being governor I think you just decide
decided that I may be he didn’t want to get to put in the effort that it took Monistat
basically what he said so what does weed is Governor Quinn has a relatively on nose
opponent a kind NPR men who use to run the ceasefire in Tybee Island Georgia


organization not a lot of people think that he’s going to be able to get attraction
the need to defeat Governor Quinn and that so that’s where the Democratic side stand
going to the next year what will the Republican side has four people hoping off
to be the nominee against Quin State Senator Bill Brady who was the nominee
4 years ago senator Kirk Dillard who came in second in the
in the primary race St treasured Andrew Sanford and businessman bruise
Bruce browner and they obviously of ink when is beatable even if


banana berry democratic state and one thing I hear I don’t know this is
this is really going just by polls is that a well that Governor Quinn is not the most
most popular governor in the history of state politics where do they
do they wear these Republicans think they can get up yeah I’m in the US
right about that Governor Quinn is not the most popular is not the least popular was a time I was supposed
bowling release popular governor in the United States that is no longer the case
what is still relatively unpopular but you have the strength Nationwide you do have


do have blue states that can electric publican chief executive suites in that new jerseys concert
is considered a blue state Chris Christie’s Republican governor there New York City certainly a blu cig
blue city but have both a mirror Rudolph Giuliani and Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a time
time this is this is not a president do to have a date or Democrats contaminated
Nate and I get they will choose a Republican chief executive and I think that their main message
messages physical discipline and competence in the old have different ways of doing about it
about it that Bruce runner is pouring a tremendous amount of his vast wealth


12th and I’m difficult a to overstate how wealthy this gentleman is his isn’t
is income for the kill deer 2012 releases tax return to come with 53 million
million dollars for the year is next closest rivals on the Republican side work
side were the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars 200 to 300 like that
like that one dollar bill Brady’s real estate developer Kirk Dillard is a corporate lawyer
Denver the firt is the state treasurer office Liberty is a background is a corporate
executive on but they’re their basic messages we will be able to eat


take on House Speaker Mike Madigan in some cases or work with him in a way that
wave it get him to be a little more disciplined about spending their message anyway
so really the fiscal performance of the state is going to be an issue
what’s of strengths would know what what can Quinn bring up against that
why we suck Governor Quinn pushing so hard for both same sex marriage because that something
become very popular among his core voters Democrats
and world going to see him I think touting this pension deal this is his sister soldier mod


ammoman try to save people are without reference for Bill Clinton went into his Okoro
core audience of African Americans in Kona give muster lecture about the chorus in a culture
culture back in the 90’s this is Governor Quinn sticking it to the Union ckin saying of the Union
unions are are are instrumental instrumental in helping Quinn when are elections
back in 2010 and buy you don’t really doing the tough stuff for kids to do
do to fix the state pension system this is his message it shows that he is the responsible guy
guy he’s an adult can he is the man who can get things done so I think we’re going to see him running on


pensions and same sex marriage well that’s where we’re going to end it on
set on this show looking at the Year in Review for 2013 some of the tops
top stories around the state in the region Meadows this is focused on WILL

In 2013, the Illinois legislature finally passed a bill to try and fix the state’s pension issues, legalized same sex marriage and legalized medical marijuana. The Affordable Care Act’s health care exchanges made their debut, plagued with problems, and the US almost took action in Syria. Tornadoes late in the fall tore through the state flattening homes in Gifford and Washington, and the state’s film community said goodbye to renowned critic Roger Ebert.

This hour on Focus, we’ll take a look back and 2013 by the headlines. Illinois Public Radio’s Brian Mackey, and WILL reporters Sean Powers and Jeff Bossert talk with host Jim Meadows about the biggest stories of the year.

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